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(Mobile, Young, Opportunity, Unity, Technology and Help)

Under Erasmus+ framework no. 589775-EPP-1-2017-1-MK-EPPKA2-CBY-ACPALA

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The Capacity Building project mYouth 2.0 intends to expand beyond the achievements during the first edition that was implemented in 2016 (  where 10 mobile apps developed during the project have been in competition for European Youth Summit Award (  and World Youth Summit Award ( The new version of the project mYouth 2.0 (Mobile, Young, Opportunity, Unity, Technology, Help) will involve more countries from African and Asian continent; will integrate new learning models in mobile app development; will increase youth capacities in new mobile technologies as well as will include more regional actions that will enable more young people to become aware how the mobile applications can solve local issues in their community and provide employment opportunities.

The second edition of myouth2.0 will be more focused on promotion of entrepreneurship education and will teach youth about potential of mobile apps to become small business and startups. The main idea of the project will be to initiate transnational youth initiatives where young people from three continents ( Europe, Asia and Africa) trough development of mobile apps will solve local and community problems and in the same time will create products that will be market oriented and business sustainable.

Digital Technology

Positive Impacts

Youth Engagement


(From Sep 2018 to June 2019)

Our project goals

  • To foster the cooperation, exchange of knowledge and capacity development in the field of IT technology, innovation and education between organizations from program and partner countries;
  • To create new tools that promote the acquisition and improvement of new competences of youth workers in mobile application development;
  • To develop programs through non-formal learning and OER about coding, entrepreneurship, business modeling and sustainable startups
  • To increase the awareness among youth worldwide about the potentials of creating mobile app as their own businesses
  • To support and facilitate young people integration in the labor market with new ITC skills
  • To empower young people potential and autonomy to contribute to a sustainable development of their society;
  • To promote and validate the best e-contents developed by young individual’s trough worldwide recognized competitions.


TimelineActivity Description
December 2017 Kick off meeting Singapore ( 1 person per organization 15 participants )   Because no one need visa to travel to Singapore
January-March 2018  Local open contest in each country ( Austria, Poland, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kenya, Tanzania, Senegal Ghana, Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam ) Each country select 3 best apps on their competition that go on Continental HachatonAsian, African or European ) 
March-April 2018 All selected winners (36 winners) have to attend online course for coding that will be covered by the project
May-July 20181. African Region Hackathon2. Asian Region  Hackathon3. European Region  Hackathon*Region Africa ( Kenya, Tanzania, Senegal and Ghana) –location Ghana ( at the hackathon 1 winner per country or 4 in total will be selected)*Region Asia ( Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore and Philippines)- location Hong Kong ( at the  hackathon 1 winner per country or 4 in total will be selected) *Region Europe ( Austria, Poland, Macedonia and Bulgaria) – location Bulgaria ( at the  hackathon 1 winner per country or 4 in total will be selected)
May-October 2018Each country nominate mentors start to work with selected 12 mobile apps from May 2018 till October 2018, each country nominate one mentor. 
July 2018Ideas are submitted on open contest ( EYA-under category myouth, and WSYA) 
September 2018Training in June/July in business modeling for mobile apps in Macedonia All winners should attend ( 12 total) 7 working days training  
November 2018Pitching session during the GALA Event in Austria as well as Awarding ceremony  ( 3 participants) 4 days + 2 people from Germany for video making,+ 12 partners representatives from all countries
November 2018Award prices for the winners, during the EYA Gala event the three best mobile apps will be selected  
MYouth 2.0 Mobile App Local Camp in VietnamThe Vietnamese National Camp of mYouth 2.0 mobile app competition took place on the 20th April 2018 at Hanoi University. During the National Hackathon, the participants developed upgraded their mobile apps according to the feedback received by our juries. They also got a chance to pitch their ideas and present their mobile applications in front of a 4-member jury.Out of 15 participants grouped in 7 teams, 3 winning applications were chosen and got a flight tickets to join HongKong Continental Hackathon in this June. They are
  1. mGreen – A mobile app for waste recycle.
  2. 1516 Remote App – Using wind energy.
  3. EcoScan – Using digital interlligent to save food.
Partners organizations :
  1. Austria: International Center for New Media
  2. Macedonia: Mladiinfo International
  3. Germany: Global Experience ( they will be responsible for video production from each event)
  4. Romania: Asociatia With Us
  5. Poland: Association Institute of new Technologies
  6. Ghana: ISpace foundation
  7. Senegal: MobileSenegal
  8. Tanzania: Somaapps Tanzania
  9. Kenya: Empower and Save Kenya
  10. Hong Kong: Hong Kong New Emerging Technology Education Association
  11. Singapore: Sustainable Living Lab Pte Ltd
  12. Vietnam: Youth Employment and Society Development
  13. Philippines: Bridging the Gaps (BTG)



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