Please read the Bus Guidlines to better plan your transportation between Hanoi and Ha Giang.


To travel between Hanoi and Ha Giang, there are a variety of options ranging from standard sleeping bus to luxurious limousine bus.Online bus reservation with various options for (sleeper bus and limousine bus) can be found here Son Limousine Bus (luxurious 9 seater, no pick-up at hotel) please contact 0966316383.Quang Nghi Limousine Bus (luxurious 15 seater, would pick up at hotel) please contact 0917744733.We usually suggest our customers the limousine VIP bus with Ngoc Son company and Quang Nghi Company. For Ngoc Son company, it costs 250,000 VND/ pax and you should go to 129 Thiên Hiền to get on the bus. For Quang Nghi company, it costs 3000,000 VND for 1 ticket and they pick you up from your hotel. Their staffs may speak little English but helpful.This is for our customers’ convenience only and we do not affiliate any of those companies.



We give local people employment, income and learning opportunities so they are directly involved in your tourism experience. Our guides and hosts will give you a special insight into culture and life in Vietnam.


We aim to minimise the negative impacts of tourism on the environment and the local community while contributing positively to local economies. We don’t just talk responsible tourism, we act!

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10% of all profits from our tours go towards a community fund. This money allows us to make infrastructure improvements and provide other important resources to those in need.