Support the local communities we visit


Minimise our ecological footprint


Minimise negative socio-cultural impacts of tourism


  1. Pay all local, provincial and national taxes and tourism fees to ensure government agencies have the resources to implement poverty alleviation strategies.
  2. Empower local communities through participatory decision making (inclusive of all ages and gender).
  3. Encourage culturally tourism development through local consultation (inclusive of all ages and gender).
  4. Create employment and micro-business opportunities.
  5. Revitalise traditional cultures threatened by modernity.
  6. Support rural schools, health clinics and rural communities with infrastructure development, supplies and resources.


  1. Ensure all vehicles are maintained for utmost fuel efficiency.
  2. Incorporate alternative transportation into tours (walking tours, cycling, trains, etc.).
  3. Work with our preferred restaurants to offer locally grown and sustainable food items and choose restaurants that support the ban on serving endangered species, for example, shark fin soup.
  4. Minimise energy use in all homestays by turning off lights, fans and water taps when not in use.
  5. Work with our preferred homestay/hotel partners to encourage guests to be mindful of the environment by choosing to re-use towels and linen, turn off air-conditioning/lights when not in the room.
  6. Eliminate unnecessary plastic waste by providing refillable purified water containers.
  7. Ensure our vehicles are fuel and energy efficient.


  1. Create travel itineraries that allow cultural interactions that are sensitive and supportive.
  2. Work closely with our local NGO and international NGO partners to create itineraries that work toward solutions to negative social issues.
  3. Instil awareness and understanding of the negative impacts the sex industry and the illicit drug and wildlife trade can have on a community and culture.
  4. Instil awareness and understanding of the negative impacts that child exploitation can have on a community and culture and why our tours will never allow unsupervised and unstructured visits to orphanages, schools or youth organisations. We don’t promote giving money to child beggars or purchasing goods from children.
  5. Only contract hotels that have a policy of not supporting sex tourism.
  6. Encourage our guests to shop responsibly and support organisations that promote equal opportunity employment especially for the disabled.
  7. Support projects that actively promote the conservation of endangered wildlife and natural environment.
  8. Encourage our guests to make charitable donations to organisations that can distribute equitably throughout the community and to places of real need.



We give local people employment, income and learning opportunities so they are directly involved in your tourism experience. Our guides and hosts will give you a special insight into culture and life in Vietnam.


We aim to minimise the negative impacts of tourism on the environment and the local community while contributing positively to local economies. We don’t just talk responsible tourism, we act!

Tours that translate

10% of all profits from our tours go towards a community fund. This money allows us to make infrastructure improvements and provide other important resources to those in need.