We’re a big family. In 2019 we altogether created a great impact to our disadvantaged communities in remote areas. More than 5 villages has gotten benefits from our services.
Our team is made up of all kinds of different people and communities. So far we are the union of various ethnic groups in Vietnam. YESD’s specialty comes from our passion, our creativity, love and a desire to make a difference through the work we do. It is YESD Team who are based-office staffs, leaders, people on the ground, local artisans and more than that we are your travel buddy. Our talent and passion allows us to deliver the sustainable adventure travel for which we’re known. Thank you for choosing YESD as your travel escort for your Vietnam discovery. We are not the best but we are trying to become the best. 
Jump to YESD as an intern in 2015, I have had a great chance to widen my knowledge in fields of social entrepreneurship and responsible tourism. Thanks to YESD, I can get involved into ERASMUS+ Projects and their meaningful community development programs. If you booked a tour with YESD, you might talk to me.  – ” Phuong La – YESD project assistant” – 
 I’m the president of Thon Tha Responsible Tourism Cooperative. I’m an ethnic Tay person. I started to become a local tour guide in 2015 through YESD’s responsible tourism project. As a leader, I would like to change my village to be better and the villagers can earn more income to support their families. I will treat you by my heart even my English is still not perfect. -” Thien Nguyen – Director of Thon Tha Agriculture and Responsible Tourism Cooperative” – 
I’m a friendly homestay host in Thon Tha village, Ha Giang. I work as a local senior artisan and passionate about studying English. If my English is not easy for you to understand me, I can use google translate. 🙂 I can teach you how to make the Tay traditional embroidery and bamboo knitting if I have a chance. I accompany with YESD try to preserve our indigenous traditional cultures. -“Mrs Đựng – Homestay host and Handicraft artisan”- 
I’m so happy to get involve into YESD responsible tourism project in Thon Tha village. Living here nearly 50 years and making embroidery are my joys. Our traditional dress is black from top to toe except for the colorful belt. We are trying to preserve our traditional cultures by teaching young generation our handicraft techniques. -“Mrs Dượng – Handicraft artisan”- 
I am one of YESD’s tour guides in Ha Giang. As a child of Ha Giang beautiful land, I’m so proud of our traditional values and cultures. It’s so great to be a local guide, which gives me a chance to introduce my Ha Giang to not only local friends, but international visitors also. I want to earn money to support my family, then build a house for my mom in which we can open a homestay and spend happy moments together. The 2020 pandemic is a nightmare for all of us and we all hope it will be gone soon. When you visit my hometown, I’m happy to guide you around and bring you to the best “mother-home-cook” bistros. -“Sơn Nguyễn – YESD local guide”- 
If you join a trekking tour in Ha Giang such as Ha Giang Trekker tour , I might escort you as a trekking guide. I was trained in English and tourism skills by YESD Social Enterprise. My English is very basic and simple, so being a tour guide that will improve my language skills. You are not only our distinguished customers, but also are my teachers. I will try my best to absorb all of new vocabularies and new things. See you in Ha Giang soon.-“Mr Lim Nguyễn – YESD trekking guide”-
I was not born in Ha Giang, but because of my great predestination, I decided to settle down and work here. It was Ha Giang that I met and married my wife. I have a small family with a little son now, and work as an English tour guide that is my main work and financial source. I really hope that the covid virus will be removed soon so our life will come back to its normal. Ha Giang should be your must-visited destination in Vietnam. You will love this land as I do. -“Hoang Van Ai – YESD tour guide”-
I was used to be a disoriented boy and felt lost in my future career. Until I met V4D non-profit organization where I learnt English and then YESD where I could use my English to work as an English tour guide. Now I have a small family with a little boy and I love my job so much. This job gives me income that is not stable but not so bad. It shows my passion on tourism and pride of my ethnic cultures. -“Nguyen Van Hoa – YESD tour guide”-
I will escort you on Ha Giang motorbike or car tour very often if you travel with YESD. Luckily I and my wife both work in tourism industry so she sympathize with my absence when I’m on tour. I have worked with YESD for 3 years. I really like YESD’s working spirit when they care of the local communities, educate local people how to protect the environment or give local guides some medical and professional training courses. Wish all the best to come with our organization. See all of you soon after the pandemic.-“Le Khanh Tung – YESD tour guide”- 
2020 was an unexpected year for the whole world including us. The pandemic came and paused the tourism, which caused many of us: local guides, homestay owners, drivers jobless. With the invention of the covid-vaccine, we really wish to have a better year with brighter future for tourism. I just built up a homestay and hope to welcome guests in this Autumn. So happy to be a member of YESD. -“Nguyen Van Quyen – YESD tour guide”-
I started to learn English 4 years ago. It has brought great value to my life. Thanks to YESD, I had a chance to study English and tourism skills. I am a local guide and earn more money to support my small family. My English is still not really good but I will improve it day by day. The more you travel with YESD, the better my English will be. Your sincerely friend, tour guide 🙂 -“Nguyen Duc Van – YESD tour guide”-
I’m Chi, a local guide in Sapa. I only finished my secondary school and learnt English from tourists when I followed them to sell my mom’s embroidery bracelets. I have worked as a tour guide for 10 years, mostly in Sapa. Thanks to the job, I earnt some and saved a bit for my small family with two daughters. Many of local youth could not afford to go to colleges, so tour guiding is our main job and an important source of our income. Thanks for travelling with YESD and choosing Sapa as your destination. -“Giang Thi Chi – YESD local guide in Sapa”-
I’m Lam, a local guide in Sapa. I love my guiding job a lot. Being a guide that brings me chances to meet international people and friends. I have never gone out of Vietnam, even out of the Northern Vietnam. So thanks to my lovely tourists, I can imagine how the outside looks like. This pandemic is so horrible that causes the whole world into troubles including me. I hope the world will come back to its normal soon and the tourism will be awesome again. See you in Sapa soon. -“Giang Thi Lam – YESD local guide in Sapa”-
As a local guide of YESD I am proudly to bring travelers to different surprises with Vietnamese Landscapes, Culture, History, Philosophy and especially Vietnamese happy water! Reminding 3 years of working as a YESDer, it is like an adventurous movie that travelers and me are main characters, hopefully, after pandemic you would come back soon and we are able to start the Movie once again!-“Phuong But Ngoc – YESD international tour guide”-
Hello, my name is Ying. I am a local tour guide and really love to work with YESD. They give me job opportunities to support my family. I can’t wait to see the covi19 being defeated over in order to go back to my work again. I miss the days taking tourists around the North to show them the Vietnamese culture and beautiful landscape. It is really a hard time for the whole world when people lost jobs and felt disoriented. I hope the pandemic will be removed soon and the world will come back to its normal soon. -“Hang Thi Dinh – YESD local guide”-
Ly Ly, our tour guide, has a profound knowledge of northern Vietnam and possesses a vast experience of guiding in the region. Ly’s energy, passion and enthusiasm are amazing. Ly even can speak French so well so if there are any families or customers that want an professional tour guide speaking both English and French. Ly will be your best choice to escort you around the Northern Vietnam. She has a great sense of humor and positive energy of life. YESD often receives very excellent reviews of her from our customers. Let’s us to be your travel buddy!-“Ly Thi Ly – YESD local guide”-


YESD’s mission is to increase employment for underprivileged youth in the tourism sector and promote responsible tourism. We do this by educating a new generation of tour guides and increasing the skills of indigenous people. Our students are trained in many areas, from Vietnamese history to the fundamentals of responsible tourism. We teach them the steps needed to protect the environment and preserve their culture and traditions.We also instill in them a passion for passing along their knowledge and cultural sensitivities to international visitors, enriching their experience.


Vu Hong Tuoi

Education Advisor

Mai Thi Thu Trang

Responsible Tourism Project Manager

Trinh Thi Tuyet

International Cooperation Manager



We give local people employment, income and learning opportunities so they are directly involved in your tourism experience. Our guides and hosts will give you a special insight into culture and life in Vietnam.


We aim to minimise the negative impacts of tourism on the environment and the local community while contributing positively to local economies. We don’t just talk responsible tourism, we act!

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10% of all profits from our tours go towards a community fund. This money allows us to make infrastructure improvements and provide other important resources to those in need.