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Under the frame of ERASMUS+ project no. 589640-EPP-1-2017-1-EL-EPPKA2-CBY-ACPALA.

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Nowadays, the social entrepreneurship has been acknowledged as an effective means to the end of creating new jobs, improving the standard of living and encouraging the citizens’ participation in the decision making process at all levels. It can also contribute to the integration of marginal and precarious strata of the population, the creation of wealth and re-investment or making new investments in various countries across the globe.

In order to enhance the social entrepreneurship in our countries, it would be absolutely necessary to supply the young people who dream of becoming social entrepreneurs with appropriate competences, contacts and the will to launch social entrepreneurs commensurate to their own profile & the needs of their milieu.

In this context, we wish to organize a long-term project to favour the experiences’ exchange and develop the competences of 24 youth workers and instructor designers who stem from 8 countries and 4 continents, so that they can come up with innovative educational methods about the social entrepreneurship and act as multipliers who will help this type of entrepreneurship to spread among the young people in their countries and elsewhere.

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(From Sep 2018 to June 2019)

Our project consists of the following activities:

1) A 2-day transnational project meeting at Lefkas (Greece), during which the contact persons of every partner organization will be brought together in order to commonly piece together this project and determine the rules and the methods which will be applied.2) A  “job shadowing mobility” which will last 15 days and allow every one of the 16 youth workers including two deaf to observe the implementation of one  social entrepreneurship and the related education.3) Preparation of a research work which will detect the needs of the youth of the various partners in terms of training and support opportunities about the social entrepreneurship.4) A training course of 11 days in Poland, during which we will create a virtual club for young people who are would-be social entrepreneurs, which will include a Moodle platform-based online course about social entrepreneurship for the benefit of the young people with different abilities.5) An experimentation of the above mentioned virtual club by the young people of the countries.6) Creating a technical and pedagogical manual for exploiting the above club.7) A training course of 7 days in Vietnam in order to educate the 24 direct beneficiaries   into becoming E-mentors in favour of the young people who benefit from the above mentioned club.8) Organization of a “carrier-day” by each partner organization, which will disseminate the results of the project in question and make the virtual club more widely known.9) Implementation and updating of the club through the involvement of the 24 E-mentors & the administrator of the club.10) A 2-day evaluation meeting will be held at Benin, where a cooperation strategy will be applied for the sake of the virtual club’s sustainability.



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