Orion Operation- Community Development Project 2023 in Ha Giang

Orion Operation- Community Development Project 2023
Orion Project 2023 is a community development project organized by YESD social enterprise, in collaboration with Orion Operation Team, a group of students from National University of Singapore (NUS). The project took place from 17 May to 03 June 2023 at Ngoc Minh semi-boarding secondary school in Ngoc Minh commune, 22 km from Vi Xuyen town.

About Orion Project 2023

The project aimed to improve studying conditions for students at Ngoc Minh School while also inspiring academic excellence, boosting confidence, and promoting equal access to education. They accomplished this by constructing two new classrooms, teaching practical skills, and offering subjects such as Maths, Physics, and English to the students and organized cultural exchange activities.
Orion Operation- Community Development Project 2023 in Vietnam (Ha Giang)Through this initiative, the NUS team gained valuable experiences, an understanding of local culture, and a newfound appreciation for their own lives. The project concluded successfully, thanks to the generous support from various sponsors. Donations were received from the following parties:Orion Operation Team: 180 million Ha Giang government and state-funded sources: 20 million Personal sponsors: 6 million Ngoc Minh High School: 8 million A special word of gratitude goes to Mrs. Quynh for introducing us to this project and making it possible.
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