We develop this teaching project in very remote areas where the living standard is low but the traditions are rich, and where there are hard-working people who are very positive and have a firm belief in a good life. These places need our help to make improvement. At the moment, YESD is designing a program in Tha village to help build capacity for local people, especially the children who have difficulty accessing proper education, English language training, and life skills. This experience is valuable for each volunteer and their support could contribute to ensure sustainable development in the hill tribes. From our activities, students can broaden their knowledge and enhance their language ability through non-formal teaching method. Volunteers play an import role in our project, and the knowledge you transmit to local people could be the precious materials to fully develop their ideas for developing their hometown.

  • English for kids: age from 8-13
  • Adults and youth: Who are willing to be English tour guides and love to improve their English by interacting more with our native teachers. We have trained Thon Tha Agriculture and Responsible Tourism Cooperative since 2015, beginning with 12 members. Most of them are adults and farmers, had never touched English before. We are proud of them who tried their best to reach a better life by studying English. They are YESD local English guides, homestay hosts and driving tour guides now.

Capacity building


Make a positive impact

Local Exchange


Project location

Ha Giang, a province in the Northeast Vietnam, invites you to see the most beautiful landscapes and cultural treasures of the country. Because of the political situation and relations with China, it is a place that seems to have been left out of Vietnam’s economic development, and although the attendance of visitors is gradually increasing in this magical region, Ha Giang is still untouched by mass tourism, which makes it very special. Almost 90 % of the population in this area is made up of ethnic minorities so you will get the chance to learn about their way of living and the well-preserved charm of Vietnam’s culture.

Address: Km5 Thanh Thuy street, Tha village, Phuong Do Commune, 5km from Ha Giang city on the direction to Thanh Thuy border gate, Ha Giang. 

Where will you stay

During the project time, you will accommodate in a stilt-house that is YESD’s new office in Ha Giang. Neighbors are local Tay ethnic people, you will have the chance to discover more about the culture and indigenous values. 

The accommodation will equip you with basic things to stay like: hot-cold water, fridge, kitchen, washing machine, garden. Sleep on a bunk-bed with mattress, and blankets.

What will you eat?

You will get chances to try many different dishes that you are going to prepare together with your host or your volunteer fellows. We are very happy to show you some of traditional meals of our country. It will be an especially great experience to discover the large variety of Asian vegetables, meat and sweets from the local market. If you are vegetarian, please let us know to prepare your food better. 

There is a nice kitchen in the house, so you can prepare your own taste. 

project activities

This program asks for volunteers who can join activities for at least one month to guarantee the program’s effectiveness. Besides education activities, you will have chances to join the marketing team and learn more about marketing/ seeding skills. 

Working time:

+ Morning: Free to prepare lessons. Some kids are quite good. They can speak some. Some do know nothing 🙂 Folders will be shared so you will have reference to prepare your lessons. 

+ Afternoon: it’s flexible time depending on seasons. There are often 2 kid classes in the afternoon. Kid’s age from 8 to 13

+ Evening: from 7pm-8:30pm for the adult class. 

YESD’s Vietnamese supporter will accompany with you:

  • Going to farm and experiencing local life
  • Visiting homestays and helping with their daily life
  • Providing English classes for local kids.
  • Organizing outdoor activities with children
  • Playing the role of “tourists” so children can practice being a tour guide. They will take you around so in your free time, you can discover surrounding landscapes. You can rent a motorbike or take a bike from your homestay to go around.
  • You will have 2 free days per week on Saturday and Sunday to travel around by yourself. Traveling fees are not be included. 

This program is not funded, so that we collect 5$ per day/ per person. 


  • Pre-departure advice
  • Full orientation of project and surrounding areas.
  • Bunk bed: You will have a bed in a shared house, which means you will share the same room with other people including the house owner.
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. Will be prepared by everyone. 
  • Free Laundry: Washing machine is available to use. 
  • Get healthy drinks: Homemade kombucha/ Tea or coffee are available. 
  • One bicycle is free to use. 
  • Use our equipped kitchen: Feel free to use our kitchen and make your own delicious food.
  • Fast Internet Access: High-speed internet for you to work remote
  • Discounts on Tours: Get discounts for tours and excursions around town.
  • Join a hiking tour for free on marketing purposes. 


  • Plane ticket
  • Travel visa
  • Other personal expenses during the stay
  • Travelling costs in your free time
  • Other not be mentioned above.



We give local people employment, income and learning opportunities so they are directly involved in your tourism experience. Our guides and hosts will give you a special insight into culture and life in Vietnam.


We aim to minimise the negative impacts of tourism on the environment and the local community while contributing positively to local economies. We don’t just talk responsible tourism, we act!

Tours that translate

10% of all profits from our tours go towards a community fund. This money allows us to make infrastructure improvements and provide other important resources to those in need.


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