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Capacity building program that creates opportunities for the young people to volunteer in Asian countries in innovative socially-driven projects and for the organisations to develop and deepen their knowledge and experiences in the volunteering management.EuroAsia Volunteering Assistance Programme is the name of a project that indicates a completely new beginning. For the first time ever, we are expanding our horizons and making a connection to Southeast Asia countries. Together with our European partner organizations from Slovakia, France and Czech Republic, we decided that now is the perfect moment to start a project with countries from Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand) and enable the sharing of good practices and voluntary services. Included in this project are some non-formal education training for capacity building of the youth organizations staff with necessary skills and capacities, as well as a list of crucial requirements that need to be met for hosting and sending volunteers in Asia.

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(From 2018 to 2019)

Our project goals

  • Main goals of the project:
    • Build up the capacity of the youth organizations, both sending and hosting by organizing special trenings;
    • Build an online platform with all necessary information regarding the volunteering in developing countries;
    • Creation of guidelines /requirements that need to be met for hosting and sending volunteers;
    • Promotion of volunteering as an essential element in active citizenship. “EuroAsia” is enabling European volunteers to travel to Asia, to strengthen their professional and personal abilities and find out more about Asian culture.


Timeline of project events (2018 – 2019):
  • Kick-off meeting in France – happened in March, 2018
  • Study visits in Thailand (March), Cambodia (April), and Vietnam (June)
  • Mobility of youth workers – Training in the field of volunteering programs in developing world – Slovakia (September)
  • European Voluntary Service in Asian Countries (October – December)
  • Project promotion and dissemination
  • Project Evaluation and Follow-up – Vietnam
Volunteer experiences in Vietnam:We are glad and proud to share another great story from the EUROASIA Project: Volunteering Assistance Programme. Sanja Janevska was one of the volunteers from Macedonia who was chosen by Mladiinfo International to participate in this amazing project and had a chance to travel to Hanoi, Vietnam where she contributed with her volunteering service in Green Hub, and hosted by the project partner from Vietnam, YESD .  Read Sanja’s story from her unforgettable journey in Vietnam!Read more:“EuroAsia” is a project carried out by seven diverse partners from two continents. Four of them are European and three are from Southeast Asia. Below you can see the list of the partner organization:



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