YESD and Orion Operation Call for Education Support

Dear potential donors and friends,
We are thrilled to introduce YESD, a social enterprise driven by the passion for community development and empowerment. Established in 2015,  YESD is dedicated to making a tangible difference in underserved communities and promoting sustainable tourism. 
Today, we are excited to share our upcoming project: a collaboration with Operation Orion in Ha Giang Province, Vietnam, aimed at supporting Khau Meng Primary School in Thuan Hoa Commune, Vi Xuyen District.

Our Mission

YESD’s mission for this summer project is two fold:
Reconstruction efforts 
Our primary goal is to enhance the structural integrity of Khau Meng Primary School. The school, constructed in 1996, serves Grade 1 and 2 students but has faced significant deterioration. Harsh weather conditions have exacerbated the situation, leading to concerns about the safety of both students and teachers. Intermittent closures due to these safety concerns hinder the student’s academic progress and create distress within the community.
Education support
Besides promoting sustainable construction, we aim to provide educational support to the students. Our focus will be on teaching basic skills, with an emphasis on English language proficiency. By investing in education, we believe we can empower these students to unlock their full potential and create brighter futures for themselves and their communities.

Significance of our project

The significance of our project cannot be overstated. Khau Meng Primary School plays a vital role in the lives of the students and the community at large. However, limited local government funding for rural areas like Thuan Hoa Commune presents a significant challenge. Additionally, the financial constraints faced by the parents further hinder efforts to reconstruct the school.

Where the Funds will go

Your support and contributions towards the reconstruction costs will directly impact the lives of the students at Khau Meng Primary School. Every dollar donated will go towards ensuring a safer and more conducive learning environment for both current and future students. Together, we can be the driving force behind positive change and empower these students to reach their full potential.

Join us in making a difference

We invite you to join us on this journey of empowerment and transformation. Your generosity has the power to change lives and build brighter futures. Whether through financial contributions or spreading awareness about our cause, every action counts.

How to donate?

  • Bank name: BIDV or Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam
  • Account holder: TRINH THI TUYET (our accountant)
  • Account number: 26110002955694
  • Swift code: BIDVVNVX
Together, let’s pave the way for a brighter future for the students of Khau Meng Primary School.
Thank you for your support!
With gratitude,
YESD Social Enterprise
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