Y Linh Ho Village: A Tranquil Oasis Amidst Sapa’s Splendor

Sapa, with its elevated beauty and captivating landscapes, holds a treasure trove of hidden gems, and Y Linh Ho Village is one such enchanting discovery. Steeped in history, surrounded by scenic beauty, and adorned with ethnic diversity, this village beckons travelers seeking an authentic escape.


Forget the tourist crowds of Fansipan and Cat Cat! Follow us to the misty peaks of Sapa to discover a secret treasure waiting to be discovered: Y Linh Ho Village. This untouched gem isn’t just another pretty spot; it’s a portal to a different world, where time slows down and nature unfurls its magic in every breath you take. Travelers can trek along Muong Hoa stream, on the way, you can see the verdant valleys and charming villages.

Location and Highlights

Situated in Lao Chai, Sa Pa, this village stands out for its poetic and wild landscapes. Surrounded by terraced fields, streams, and the simple bamboo houses of the local people, this village is a must-visit destination in Sapa.

History of Y Linh Ho Village

Legend has it that Y Linh Ho Village was named after its founder, Mr. Ly Linh Ho. The Dao people Initially claimed it under Mr. Ly Linh Ho’s leadership, the village witnessed a transition to Mong inhabitants over time. Despite this change, the village retained its name as a tribute to its originator.y linh ho

Scenic Beauty

This village boasts breathtaking views of terraced fields and corn fields. The lush padding fields, especially during the harvest season, attract visitors eager to witness the natural beauty. Furthermore, the presence of Hoang Lien Son Mountain and the Muong Hoa Stream adds an extra layer of charm, with the stream providing both irrigation for fields and a source of sustenance for the villagers.

Ethnic Culture

Home to diverse ethnic groups, The Village predominantly hosts the Black H’Mong and Dao communities. Divided into two communes, Y Linh Ho 1 and Y Linh Ho 2, the village comprises about 100 households of Mong and Dao people. Their bamboo-built houses near the fields reflect the simplicity and convenience of their daily lives.

Activities in Y Linh Ho Village

Trekking is a highlight for Sapa visitors, and this village offers a unique experience. Trekking here ensures encounters with the friendly locals and an immersion into the authentic daily life of the Hmong ethnics because of the endless terraced fields and mountain slopes. Two hiking routes, one leading to Muong Hoa Stream and the other offering panoramic views of the Sapa landscape, provide different experiences.Exploring the traditional craft of brocatelle weaving adds another dimension to the visit. Local villagers welcome tourists to learn about their culture and customs, offering products like embroidered cushions, brocade scarves, and ethnic instruments.y linh ho

How to Get to Y Linh Ho Village

From Sapa Town, a 3-kilometer journey beyond Lao Chai village unveils the wild and beautiful village. Given the mountainous terrain and complex roads, having a tour guide is highly recommended, especially considering the lack of wifi or signal in the area. Join a guided trekking tour is highly recommended, you won’t believe some villages in this area are not even in Google map. If wandering alone, you might find it hard to navigate.

Extra Tips for Visitors

To enhance the visitor experience, it is advised not to give candy or money to children. Instead, offering books or pencils is appreciated. Moreover, respecting locals’ privacy by seeking permission for photographs and preparing for locals trying to sell products are additional considerations. This village has something to offer all year round, however, the best times to visit are April, May, June, September, and October when the weather is mild creating a perfect atmosphere for travelling.


Y Linh Ho Village stands as a testament to the raw beauty and cultural richness that Sapa holds. It’s not just a destination; it’s an immersion into a world where nature and tradition coexist harmoniously. If the beauty of this village impresses you, please check out Sapa tour to explore more adventurous things with us.
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