Meo Vac: Unveiling the Hidden Charms Of A Small Mountain District

Meo Vac, located on the eastern part of Ha Giang, is a hidden gem awaiting travelers. Let’s delve into the intricacies of this place. In this article, you will find all the needed information about Meo Vac, from its geography, accommodation options, culinary experiences, transportation to unique attractions.

Geography and Infrastructure of Meo Vac

Strategic Location in a Valley

Hidden in a valley, Meo Vac’s charm lies in its picturesque surroundings. The descent from the hills into the town unveils stunning views, providing a visual treat for visitors. Next, it has two main roads, including the scenic 4C National Road, contributing to its expansive feel.

Town Layout with Main Areas

Exploring this place reveals a town layout centered around the indoor market and stadium. Furthermore, these areas offer a variety of accommodations and local restaurants, creating a dynamic and welcoming atmosphere.

Accommodation Options 

With local guesthouses scattered around the town, Meo Vac caters well to tourists exploring the region. From budget-friendly options to more luxurious choices like Little Yen’s Homestay, there’s always something for every traveler’s preference.Famous hotels, including Hoa Cuong Hotel and Tien Cuong Hotel, are strategically located near the stadium, offering convenient options for visitors. Besides, for those seeking a touch of tradition, Little Yen’s Homestay provides a more traditional and local experience.

Culinary Experiences in Meo Vac

Local Food Places

Meo Vac has a variety of food places, mosly located near the stadium and indoor market. Local favorites and affordable options create a delightful culinary experience. For example, Ngoc Lan Quan, near Tien Cuong Hotel, stands out as a favorite with its tasty grilled meat and vegetables. The friendly atmosphere, though language barriers exist, makes it a must-visit for every visitor.

Street Vendors and Market Food

Exploring the market day, particularly the Sunday market, reveals a plethora of food stalls offering diverse soup versions and rice dishes. The bustling atmosphere adds to the charm of the place.

Transportation and Arrival/Departure Information

Bus Routes and Destinations

Meo Vac is a central point for buses departing to Ha Giang, Yen Minh, and Bao Lac. The town’s connectivity makes it a convenient hub.

Motorcycle And Car Travel Routes

For those arriving by motorbike or private car, various routes offer scenic journeys, showcasing the beauty of the region. Compared to Dong Van, Cao Bang, or Yen Minh, Meo Vac is easily accessible.

Sunday Market in Meo Vac

Significance and Size

The Sunday market in Meo Vac emerges as a major attraction, distinguishing itself as the largest in the area. Its size and diversity make it a must-visit for tourists and a cultural highlight for vac

Unique Stalls and Livestock Section

The market’s charm lies in its various stalls, both within the indoor market and scattered around. Moreover, the livestock section adds a unique touch, providing a glimpse into the local economy and way of life.

Local Activities and Exploration

Noteworthy Buildings and Colonial Style

Meo Vac surprises visitors with its colonial-style buildings, offering a blend of traditional and historical architecture. In addition, the cattle market area, surrounded by fields, provides a different perspective of the town’s livelihood.

Viewing Points and Sunset Experience

You can explore the road leading to National Highway 4C, passing through a small minority village. On the way, you will see a lot of breathtaking views. You can climb on top of the White Cliff in Pai Lung to have a panorama view of Meo Vac. Meanwhile, this is a good spot if you want to see the sunset and enjoy a serene atmosphere.Meo Vac

Night Stroll to Uncle Ho Monument

A nighttime stroll to the Uncle Ho monument along QL4C, illuminated by lanterns, provides a charming experience. Moreover, the statue’s lighting adds to the ambiance of the town at night.

Weekly Market Experience

Meo Vac’s weekly Sunday market stands out for its authentic and non-touristy feel. On Sunday, the town will be overflowed with people, creating an atmosphere of excitement and cultural richness. With mostly local people arriving from nearby villages, it is a genuine and authentic mountain market experience. Even with the local only, the market is still crowded and vibrant. From 6 am, the streets around the indoor market come alive with vendors selling everything from livestock to rice, corn wine, and even mobile phones. Obviously, you can experience and capture the vibrant local life in this market.


Meo Vac, with its diverse attractions, and cultural richness, offers a unique experience for travelers. From the scenic views to various local activities, Meo Vac stands as a destination worth more than just a quick visit. Please follow this link to learn more if you are interested in a trip to explore Meo Vac.
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