What to Do in Khau Vai Love Market?

Khau Vai Love Market stands out as one of Vietnam’s most unique events, occurring only once a year. As locals appear in their traditional costumes, the market becomes a vibrant tapestry where love stories, both old and new, come to life. This article unfolds a tapestry of experiences and insights for those planning to visit Ha Giang.

The Annual Gathering 

With a history spanning over a century, the market’s origin lies in a touching love story. The origin of this love story can be traced back to a story of a young couple from different ethnic backgrounds facing societal obstacles, leading to their annual reunion on the 27th day of the third lunar month. The locals named the market “Khau Vai,” symbolizing the attachment and embrace of couples.On the 26th of the third lunar month, Khau Vai transforms into a spectacle of color and tradition. Local ethnic men and women wearing their best traditional attire, creating a vibrant market where former lovers reunite in public. However, the temporary meetings don’t disrupt daily life or relationships, fostering an atmosphere of understanding. What sets it apart is the absence of jealousy; instead, there is mutual respect.khau vai love market

Temporary Reunions and Relationship Dynamics

Interestingly, the market serves as a platform for new romantic beginnings. However, it is not just about reunions. The event also features an array of board games, competitions, and festivities, making it a place where people come together to celebrate and have fun, enhancing the joyous atmosphere.

Festivities and Rituals

Within the market area, two temples named Ong and Ba add a historical dimension. The legends associated with these temples contribute to the cultural richness of Khau Vai Love Market. Whether overcoming familial obstacles or parting ways with plans for annual reunions, the market becomes a symbolic space for expressing feelings and reconnecting.khau vai love market

Government Support and Cultural Promotion

Government and community support are pivotal in preserving Khau Vai’s tradition. Moreover, the market is not just an event but a cultural promotion initiative, showcasing the identity of different ethnic minority groups. On the market day, visitors can listen to many ethnic folk songs, the soulful sounds of the Mông flute, and watching traditional performances showcasing the region’s rich cultural heritage.The market is also a place where you can find traditional handicrafts, textiles, and local products. Travelers can shop and explore stalls filled with handmade crafts, embroidered fabrics, traditional clothes, and local snacks.

Traveling to Khau Vai Love Market

The journey from Hanoi to Khau Vai Love Market in Meo Vac involves a mix of buses or car and a challenging 140-kilometer drive to Khau Vai. Travelers can choose private cars or motorbikes for a hassle-free experience. Therefore, private cars with drivers or motorbikes are recommended, with a caution against driving without a Vietnamese license due to legal implications.

Explore the Scenic Places Around

The journey becomes part of the adventure, with breathtaking mountain landscapes, on the way to Khau Vai market, you can make a short visit to the Hmong Palace, and the charming Sung La Valley. For a more exciting trip, don’t miss other tourist spots like Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark, Ma Pi Leng Pass, Nho Que River, Dong Van Market and Lung Cu Flag Tower.


In conclusion, the Khau Vai Love Market stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of love and tradition in Vietnam. Its once-a-year event not only rekindles past connections but also celebrates the richness of cultural identity. Explore the market, and you’ll discover a harmonious blend of history, romance, and community in the heart of Ha Giang. If you are interested in Khau Vai Love Market, you can combine it with this Ha Giang loop tour for a more diverse experiene.
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