Halong Bay Cruise: Navigating the Choices for your Perfect getaway

Halong Bay, with its stunning karst landscapes and emerald waters, stands as a must-visit destination in Vietnam. However, the abundance of cruise options can be overwhelming. Fear not! We’ve narrowed down the top picks based on budget, itinerary, and duration.


Exploring Halong Bay is a dream for many, but choosing the right cruise can be a daunting task. In this guide, we simplify your decision-making process with a curated list of our top picks. From 1-day adventures to 3-day comprehensive tours, we’ve got you covered.

1 Day Halong Bay Cruises

1 Day Luxury Catamaran

Halong bay cruiseFor those seeking a touch of luxury in a short timeframe, the modern catamaran is your go-to option. With a sundeck featuring water slides and less-crowded areas to explore, it’s a luxury experience in a condensed time frame.

HaLong Bay Deluxe Daily Tour

If your time is limited, this 1-day cruise offers a perfect solution. Spend 6 hours exploring the highlights, taking the shorter route from Hanoi to avoid tourist traps. This tour starts from Hanoi and covers all the hightlights such as Sung Sot Cave, Titop Island and Luon Cave. At the end of the tour, the shared limousine will drop you off at your hotel.

2D1N Halong Bay Cruises

Stellar Of The Sea Cruise: 2D1N Luxury Cruise

Embark on a romantic weekend with Doris Cruise, offering a 5-star experience complete with spa bathtubs and breathtaking views.

Oasis Bay: 2D1N Party Cruise

oasis bayFor those looking to spice things up, the 5-star Party Cruise by Oasis Bay is filled with fun activities, a live DJ, and even a water trampoline.

3D2N Halong Bay Cruises

Cat Ba & Lan Ha Bay: 3D2N Less-Touristy Cruise

Budget-friendly and adventure-packed, this cruise takes you to the less-touristed Lan Ha Bay, offering a unique perspective on the beauty of the region.This cruise will cover the ethereal Halong and Lan Ha Bay route. You will be exploring hidden gems like Light and Dark Cave by kayak or boat. Then you will cycle through lush jungles to Viet Hai village and kayak the crystal-clear Ba Trai Dao Beach. And also savor Vietnamese fusion cuisine, join a cooking class. You will greet each day with a relaxing Tai Chi on the sundeck. Top it off with a visit to the majestic Trung Trang Cave.

Rosy Cruise: 3D2N Luxury Cruise

This luxury cruise takes you to Halong’s more secluded, serene sister – Lan Ha Bay. Imagine kayaking through hidden coves and beaches without the typical tourist crowds!Then you’ll hop over to the jungly, wild side on gorgeous Cat Ba Island. This lush gem is part of Cat Ba Archipelago National Park, a nature lover’s paradise. We’re talking scenic hiking trails, picturesque waterfalls, and prime wildlife spotting. You’ll feel like you’ve discovered Vietnam’s best-kept secret island!But don’t worry, there’s plenty of blissful downtime too. You will spend entire days just island-hopping at a relaxing pace, beaching it up at hidden sandy stretches, and swimming in the bluest water. The boutique cruise itself was an absolute dream with its luxe cabins, exceptional cuisine, and friendly crew catering to our every need.If you want to experience Halong’s iconic beauty without the overcrowded madness, this off-the-beaten-path itinerary is an absolute must.

Paradise Elegance Cruise: 3D2N Cruise to Less-Touristy Routes

Escape the crowds with a 5-star cruise to Bai Tu Long Bay, featuring a bar and spa amenities. Over 3 blissful days, you’ll drift through the iconic limestone karst wonderland of Halong, lush Lan Ha Bay’s tranquil coves, and the jungle-clad Cat Ba Archipelago. Kayak turquoise waters, beach lounge, hike to epic viewpoints, and discover sleepy fishing villages – all at an unhurried pace on your luxe boutique boat. The stunning scenery is renowned globally, but this off-the-beaten-path itinerary lets you experience it without the crowds.


With such a diverse array of options, choosing a Halong Bay cruise becomes an exciting part of the journey. Whether you crave luxury, adventure, or a blend of both, there’s a cruise tailored to your preferences. Selecting the right itinerary ensures a memorable experience in this Vietnamese paradise by following this link.
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