Ha Giang Loop 4 Days: The Ultimate Experience

If you have 4 days and want to experience the best of Ha Giang, then let us share with you the best itinerary for this 4 days trip. This Ha Giang Loop 4 Days will take you through rugged mountains dotted by small mountain villages. Follow us to embark on this unforgettable experience and discover all that Ha Giang has to offer.

Planning Your Ha Giang Loop 4 Days Adventure

Before starting your trip, don’t forget to consider:

Best Time to Visit Ha Giang Loop

The ideal time to explore the Ha Giang Loop is during the dry season. The ideal time to visit is from October to April. This is the perfect time when the weather is pleasant with flowers blooming everywhere.

Necessary Preparations and Permits

Before you travel, ensure you have the necessary permits for travelling through certain areas of Ha Giang, especially near the border regions like Dong Van and Lung Cu.

Choosing the Right Transportation

While some choose to rent a motorbike, it is recommended opting for easy rider tours or private car tours. Especially if you do not have a driving license. With an easy rider tour, you can have the freedom to stop at many spots to take pictures and rest before continue your journey.

Night 1: Arrival in Thon Tha

Upon arriving in Thon Tha, take some time to check in your accommodation and relax after a long journey to Ha Giang. Thon Tha is a small but peaceful village near the city center. It’s surrounded by mountains and forest. Thon tha is the perfect place to stay if you want to interact with the local Tay people. If you see a local passes by, don’t be afaid to say hi, they’re very friendly. They might invite you to their houses for a drink even if you’re a complete stranger. You can take a walk through the village before going back to the homestay to try a herbal bath. And then reside back to your homestay to have authentic Vietnamese dishes at a local house for dinner.

Day 1: Thon Tha – Meo Vac – Ma Pi Leng Pass – Dong Van

Begin your adventure by departing from Thon Tha and embarking on the first day of your journey towards Meo Vac. Along the way, you can see breathtaking landscapes as you pass through winding mountain roads. Make a stop in Meo Vac to enjoy the scenery and take pictures. If you are not in a rush, stop at White Cliff for a panoramic view of Meo Vac.Continue your journey to discover the iconic Ma Pi Leng Pass. If you have enough time, you can take a walk along the cliffs for jaw-dropping views of the nearby mountains and Nho Que river below. Then go to Dong Van, this is the heart of this region. Take a walk around Dong Van Ancient street to admire the age-old traditional houses. Dong Van offer a variety of accommodation options, so will surely find something to your preference.

Day 2: Dong Van – Lung Cu – H’Mong King Palace – Du Gia

After breakfast, begin your exploration today. Start the day with the northernmost point of Vietnam at Lung Cu. Climb the winding staircase to the top of the flag tower, and you will see panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.The next place is perfect for those who loves learning about culture and history. H’Mong King Palace is a historical landmark that offers insight into the region’s fascinating past. Follow your tour guide to explore the palace grounds and learn about the traditions and customs of the H’Mong people.Then continue your journey to Du Gia, a charming village that captures the hearts of many visitors. Not far from the village, you can deep in the cool water at Du Gia waterfall, a famous destination between expats.

Day 3: Du Gia – Lung Tam – Nam Dam

Depart from Du Gia and make your way to Lung Tam village. This village is renowned for its traditional weaving techniques passed down through generations. At the vilage, you will see locals skilled artisans weaving and creating intricate textiles using traditional methods.Then, continue your journey to Nam Dam, a tranquil village inhabited by the Tay ethnic minority.Don’t forget to explore the village and interact with friendly villagers. You can even enjoy home-cooked meals prepared with locally produced ingredients.

Day 4: Nam Dam – Lung Khuy Cave – Thon Tha

On your final day, depart from Nam Dam to visit Lung Khuy Cave, one of the largest caves in the Ha Giang province. Take a guided tour of the cave. You will be impressed with its impressive stalactites, illuminated by soft natural light filtering through the cave entrance.After exploring the cave, begin your journey back to Thon Tha. But before that, don’t forget to check out Ha Giang museum, not far from the city center. Spend your final evening relaxing before leaving this captivating region of Northern Vietnam.

Tips for a Ha Giang Loop 4 Days Experience

We suggest you pack only essential items such as comfortable clothing, hiking boots, sunscreen, insect repellent, and your passports.To truly experience the trip, you can take advantage of the opportunity to interact with ethnic minority communities along the Ha Giang Loop. And don’t forget to be respectful of their traditions and customs.Please be caution while navigating the winding roads of the Ha Giang Loop, especially during rainy weather if you are riding your own motorbike. Ensure your motorbike is well-maintained and adhere to local traffic regulations at all times to avoid getting fined.


The Ha Giang Loop 4-Day adventure offers travelers many exciting opportunities to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of Ha Giang. From scenic mountain passes to vibrant ethnic Sunday markets, each day of the trip is full of new discoveries and unforgettable experiences. Embark on our Ha Giang Loop 4 days tour and to discover all the treasures of Ha Giang province.
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