Cat Cat Village: A Colorful Gem Near Sapa Town

Sapa Vietnam is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, and nestled within this picturesque setting is the captivating Cat Cat Village. Follow us as we discover the allure of this village, recommended especially for trekking enthusiasts. As we delve into its unique features and cultural richness, you will gradually fall in love with this charming village.


The Northwest’s natural beauty sets the stage for Cat Cat Village, a charming destination that has become a favorite among travelers, particularly those fond of cat village

Location and Access

Cat Cat Village is situated approximately 2 kilometers from Sapa Town, a renowned tourist hub. Therefore, it’s very to get there from Sapa with various transportation option.

Cultural Heritage

Founded in the 19th century by the local Mong ethnicity, Cat Cat Village gained significance in the early 20th century when the French discovered and developed it as a vacation resort for high-ranking officers. For that reason, you can uncover interesting historical background of the Cat Cat village and the majestic Cat Cat cat village

Village Architecture

Immerse yourself in the unique architectural style of Mong houses in Cat Cat Village. The houses tend to lean against the mountainside, each one of which is only a few meters away distance. Every house has three doors and the main door in the middle is only opened for special occasions such as Lunar New Year, wedding, funerals and other H’Mong important ceremonies.

Traditional Crafts

As you walk through the village, you can witness the preservation of traditional crafts such as weaving, knitting, carving silver, and forging tools by the Mong people. Following this, explore an exhibition of these meticulous handicraft products.

Unique Customs

The Hmong people have many unique customs, including the intriguing tradition of “abducting wives.” At first, it might sound scary to some, but you can talk with the local if you go on a guided tour to truly understand the meaning of this tradition. If lucky, you can even experience the vibrant Gau Tao festival if you plan your trip during the lunar new year.

Tourist Activities

Embark on a journey to Cat Cat Fall, where water from Hoang Lien Son Mountain flows through three streams. Contemplate the giant water wheels, visit a Mong’s house, and savor local cuisine. Dive into shopping at Cat Cat Market and experience the village at night.

Accommodation Options

If you’re tight on budget or travel on your own, staying with the locals will be the most suitable choice. It gives you the opportunity to experience the sense of daily life of people in the village. On the other hand, if you go on the tour with your group, you should choose nearby homestays or hotels. There are various accommodation choices in accordance with your preferences in the area with great services. All of which ensure that you will have a long lasting and unforgettable journey in Cat Cat cat village

Local Cuisine

Delve into the unique flavors of traditional dishes like Thang Co, Khang Gai Dried Meat, Grilled Stream Fish. In addition, experience the local culinary scene at popular eateries like Cat Cat Riverside, Gem Valley, Aira Restaurant & Bar.

Engaging with the Night Life

Witness the beauty of the sunset over the mountains and explore night-time activities with your friends. If you travel during winter, you can have a walk at night to feel the cold breeze running through your hair, then seating at a local food stall to enjoy Chicken hot pot, a specialty of this region. If you are a vegan, there are many different dishes, including vegan hot pot catering to your needs. If travel during summer, then the lively Sapa town might be a good choice at night with many activities and things to explore.


Cat Cat Village stands as a colorful gem in the Northwest mountains and forests. Obviously, it offers a harmonious blend of natural beauty and rich cultural experiences. Moreover, if you are interested in exploring the beauty of this village, please read our Sapa tours to learn more.
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