YESD’s Cow Fund

Apart from the community fund from YESD’s tour benefits, YESD also has a fund for cow or buffalo donation. A cow for a poor family will be a great present to support their life effectively. This valuable source of income can bring about real change for families living in poverty. We’re grateful and thankful to our generous donor for supporting our mission to improve the lives of ethnic minority families in need. One March 14, YESD has accomplished our mission to bring a water buffalo to Mr Minh’s family.
Mr. Minh’s family, a family belonging to the Dao ethnic minority group in Ngoc Quang village, Ngoc Linh commune, Vi Xuyen, Ha Giang received a buffalo donation.
This family, one of the poorest in the village, consists of five members, including three children, with the eldest currently in grade 8. Mr. Minh, the husband, has been battling amyotrophic lateral sclerosis since 2022, further exacerbating their already challenging circumstances.
Additionally, we are grateful for the opportunity to provide educational supplies to three more impoverished households. Among them, two households have children attending grades 6, 5, and kindergarten, while the other is a single-parent household supporting a child in grade 6.
We sincerely appreciate and thankful to our donor in empowering these communities towards a brighter future. Together, we can a difference!
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