YESD’S Community Fund 2023

In March 18th, 2024, YESD had accomplished our mission to give back the 29,100,000 VND to YESD’s Community Fund in Tha village, Ha Giang where we have been supporting the villagers to do responsible tourism.
YESD's Community Fund
YESD has worked closely with village leaders and representatives of the commune-level People’s Committee on preserving traditions and protecting the environment. There is no other place where visitors can admire almost 100% of the roofs made of palm trees, maintaining the inherent traditional features, following the direction of sustainable tourism like in Thôn Tha. Thanks to the participation of Mr. Nguyen Van Thien, both the village’s secretary and a member of the YESD’s company, he directed and worked with other local leaders on why local traditions should be preserved in the village when developing tourism.
In addition, the village plans to use the community fund in the near future for waste processing and buying trash sorting bins to keep the environment clean and green. That is a good sign not only for Ha Giang but also for the responsible tourism industry that is being focused and developed by young people and young leaders.
YESD's Community Fund
In 2024, YESD wants to focus on developing the traditional handicraft industry of the Tay people, as well as creating more job opportunities for women in the area. This is highly supported by the Village Women’s Union and is expected to create more job opportunities in the village, as well as in Ha Giang province. They will not have to look for jobs in other places, they can earn extra income and live with their families right in their hometown.
Finally, we would like to thank all our beloved customers who have supported YESD during the past time. You are an indispensable part of this meaningful project of YESD. Although it was a small change, it brought happiness to many local people.
“Responsible Tourism creates better places to live and visit”.
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