Best Tips For Traveling In Vietnam On A Budget

Vietnam is becoming quite popular among the tourists, firstly thanks to its absolutely stunning landscapes and diverse culture, but also because of its affordability for foreigners. This is a perfect combo for tourists looking for an authentic experience without emptying their bank account. So, how to make the most of your experience in Northern Vietnam On A Budget? From accommodation to transports, here are some tips to spend your money wisely and enjoy a nice and comfortable stay in this beautiful part of the country.


Tips For Traveling In Vietnam On A Budget

Schedule your trip

The first key for a successful low-budget vacation is to actually plan your budget. Book your accommodation in advance, make your own researches, read other travelers experiences, make a list of destinations and activities… You will need to find all the information you need online or on book guides so you won’t have to actually book a tour or encounter bad surprises on site.


When planning your trip to Vietnam on a budget, accommodation is usually the first thing to come to mind. If you come from Europe or USA, you will definitely see the lodging as quite affordable. But if you really are on a tight budget, some of them might be more suitable for you.

If you are staying in the city, the cheapest nights you can spend would be in a hostel. Some of them cost less than 10$ and therefore can be a very good option if you have a limited budget. If you don’t mind sharing your room with strangers, it can also be a nice opportunity to meet people from all over the world and share your experience.

But if you want to enjoy a more authentic experience into the local life, staying at a homestay would be the best option. You can easily spend a night for around 11$, and it usually includes dinner, breakfast and good company! You will be able to interact with the locals, learn more about their culture and food, and they even might share their rice wine with you while singing some karaoke. 

Local food

Best Tips For Traveling In Vietnam On A Budget

Good food is a must to spend a smooth and pleasant holiday. Some people might even place gastronomy at the center of their concern and plan their trip according to it. Don’t worry, while foreign cuisine in Vietnam can be expensive, Vietnamese food is various, delicious and very cheap! Hanoi is very famous for its street food, but you can also find many small shops where you can try the most popular dishes such as pho, bun or spring rolls for less than $1 each.

Local transports

Best Tips For Traveling In Vietnam On A Budget

Transport take also a big place in a trip and can easily dig a hole in your budget if you don’t know any good habits. Be it for traveling in the city or moving from a destination to another, you might find different transportation fitting your budget and preferences.

The most popular way to travel around in Vietnam is the motorbike. In Hanoi or other cities, you will meet a lot of locals trying to make you hop on their bike. Even though it is a great and cheaper alternative to taxi, it’s easy to get scammed if you don’t know the real service’s price. To avoid this situation, you can download Gojek or Grab where you can book a taxi or motorbike driver for a cheap cost.

If you are comfortable and skilled enough to drive a motorbike by yourself, you can also rent one for only 15$ a day, insurance and fuel included. Keep in mind that you will need a Vietnamese driving license or you might get in trouble with the local police. Also, avoid this kind of transportation if you are a beginner. The traffic in the city is usually very chaotic, and roads such as in the Ha Giang Loop can be very dangerous if you are not used to it.

Another popular and cheap way of traveling is by taking the bus. It is the best way to cover longer distances without spending too much time and money. A lot of buses are departing from Hanoi, and only takes a few hours to reach Ninh Binh, Ha Giang, Sapa, or Ha Long Bay, with prices starting from 12$ only. A more eco-responsible way to travel around.


Vietnam On A Budget

You want to bring a memory home or a gift for a relative? Local and handmade products would be the greatest choice! You can directly buy it from the locals or in ethnic markets. But don’t hesitate to bargain if the price seems strangely high.

WIFI / Internet

You can find WIFI almost everywhere in the cities, but not always in rural areas. If you plan traveling a lot by motorbike or explore the wildlife by trekking, it might be difficult to reach any internet. If you travel without a guide, you might need to check your location or book a taxi or accommodation on the way. In that case, you can buy a SIM card for a cheap price. Some small packages are really affordable and enough to cover a few weeks of traveling. While buying a SIM card at the airport might be slightly more expensive, you can easily find one in a Viettel, Vinaphone or Mobifone shop for a few dollars.


You have now all the keys in hands to enjoy a fully comfortable, responsible trip in Vietnam On A Budget. Need more information? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be more than happy to answer your questions!

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