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I came across a unique responsible travel experience that coupled with the opportunity for recharge and bonding with a local community also promotes ethical and sustainable tourism. After much research, I found randomly where I could embark on a journey to Ha Giang, Vietnam. In this place, I can immerse myself in the rich history and vibrant culture of Tha Village through a homestay experience.

Tha Village Homestay

Unbeknownst to me, Tha Village where my homestay would be, is a picturesque location that amazed me.
I was warmly welcomed into the homes of the locals and got to live their way of life quickly. I had to partake in their daily activities like cooking traditional Vietnamese meals, helping in cleaning their houses and having meals with locals in nearby stores. The homestay provides an authentic local homestay experience, but also experiencing their way of life. In comparison, this helps me to appreciate more what I have back home.
Thon Tha Village
Tha Village

Daily Life in Tha Village

During my stay in Tha Village, I was allowed to be part of the Tay’s community’s daily life. In the morning, I will prepare my breakfast in the view of the mountainous scenery. In supporting on their English teaching materials as a volunteer which I also opted for. The afternoon will be filled with kids who come for the English lessons that I am conducting. Evening comes, I learn to prepare Vietnamese meals with the locals and teach English lessons to the Adults. This also helps me to understand the community’s level of spoken & written English and share their traditions, culture and daily activities. Daily engagement with them allows me to have meaningful connections to understand their values.

Getaway and Recuperation

Singapore city life can be rather overwhelming where I come from and I decided to embark on this journey to find some solitude. At Tha Village, overlooking its lush green crop fields of corn and rice. It gives me the tranquillity of the surroundings that presents a fantastic backdrop for my self-reflection and rejuvenation. Just by simply sitting in the comfort of the homestay having a view of the mountains in front of me; feeling the peace and healing. My stay in Tha Village will leave me feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Relax and Recharge

Imagine waking up to the sound of nature singing and the sight of morning mist rolling over green fields. During your stay, you can spend your days exploring the area’s basic beauty. Hiking and taking a long walk towards the 6km waterfall and sitting quietly by a stream, listening to the gentle flow of water and watching the kids playing. Each moment in Tha is a chance to relax and recharge your mind and body.
Thac 6km-Waterfall

Bonding with the Community and Connecting to its History and Culture

One of the key points of the responsible travel experience is the opportunity to bond with the community. The locals of Tha Village are known for their hospitality. The locals readily share their stories, traditions, culture and history. Thus it provides a remarkable insight into their lives. You will also get the opportunity to learn and participate in their traditional music and sample local cuisine. This special connection with the community and its culture offers an experience that is both educational and inspiring.

Cultural Immersion

As time passes by spending time with the Tha Village community, you will learn about their customs and values. The highlight is when you arrive during their traditional customary period, where you get the opportunity to participate in their local activities and celebrations like Then Festival or listen to folk tales told by villagers. Immersing with the locals this way, you will gain a deeper appreciation of their way of life and the rich cultural heritage they want to preserve.
Dye Artisan
Mrs Dung – the dye Artisan

Sustainable Tourism and Positive Impact

The core value at is to expand sustainable tourism across Vietnam. In travel, you are supporting eco-friendly practices and local economy contribution. With this approach, your journey will positively influence the environment and the community as sustainable tourism ensures to preserve the nature resources and promotes the well-being of the local community.

Responsible Travel & Eco-Friendly Practices

With responsible travel and your time with the community, you will notice the efforts by the locals to minimize environmental impact. From supporting the local organic produce in meals to encouraging water conservation, every effort is made to ensure that tourism does not harm the ecosystem. In addition, this travel participation by helping to support the local artisans and farmers, you are also contributing to benefit those who need it most.
Thon Tha Village Entrance Gate
Tha Village Entrance Gate


Travel is just sightseeing, why not make it more experiential and memorable by engaging in a new culture and forming meaningful connections? With‘s sustainable and responsible travel experience in Ha Giang, Vietnam, you get to do just that. ensures your journey is not only unforgettable but you get to contribute positively to the communities.
It is important to travel ethically and sustainably, you will be part of the preservation of the beauty and culture of places like Tha Village for future generations. You will find your journey enriched and also help the people you meet. Travel with purpose, and make a difference with
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