Escape The Crowds: Discover Quan Lan Island’s Charm

Hey there, adventure seekers! If you are in the North of Vietnam, let’s introduce you to one of Vietnam’s most irresistible islands in this area, Quan Lan Island!

Why Quan Lan Island?

This hidden gem is like the total package – boasting breathtaking beaches, Insta-worthy spots, and a tranquill vibe that’ll make you never want to leave. But before you start packing, let me share some insider tips to make sure your Quan Lan adventure is off-the-charts amazing!First things first, let’s talk about the island itself. Located in Van Don district, Quan Lan spans around 11 square kilometers and is home to around 7,000 lucky residents spread across two villages – Quan Lan and Minh Chau. From afar, the island looks like a gorgeous curved embrace hugging the eastern edge of the famed Bai Tu Long Bay area.Quan Lan has two distinct seasons – a warm and toasty summer, and a cool, dry winter. So whether you’re a sun-worshipper or prefer milder temps, you can visit pretty much any time in a year. That said, if you’re aiming for perfection, I’d recommend coming by between May and November when the rain takes a break and the weather is just chef’s kiss.

How To Get To Quan Lan Island

From Hanoi, you’ll want to make your way to the Cai Rong port in Van Don district, which is around 210 km away. Once you’ve arrived, it’s a breezy 45-minute to 1-hour high-speed ferry ride to Quan Lan itself. Easy peasy!To reach Cai Rong port, you’ve got a few swanky options from the capital:
  • Limousine bus: These buses usually take the highway, so you’ll be getting there in just 3-3.5 hours. However, it’s a bit pricier (around 350,000 VND depending on your seat) than the normal sleeper bus.
  • The first buses depart as early as 4 AM, with new ones leaving every hour. Most will pick you up and drop you off right in Hanoi’s city center – talk about convenience!
Once you’ve made it to Cai Rong port, grab ferry tickets (pro tip: book in advance to avoid sold-out so you don’t have to wait for another time) and get ready to set sail! The high-speed boats run on a few different routes, with the Cai Rong/Ao Tien to Quan Lan journey being the quickest at an hour and a half. Prices range from 200,000 VND per adult, with kids under 3 riding for free.There are two main ferry departures each day – 7:30 AM and 1:30 PM – so plan accordingly and get ready to be in time.

What To See In Quan Lan Island

Now, here are all the hotspots you need to hit up on Quan Lan Island:

Quan Lan Beach

First up, we have Quan Lan Beach itself – this crescent moon-shaped beauty hugs the village shoreline closest to the market and pier. Imagine rolling hills draped in lush greenery embracing sugary white sands that slope right into the shimmering sea. It’s an untouched natural paradise that has managed to preserve its stunning ecology.Quan Lan

Minh Chau Beach

Then there’s Minh Chau Beach with its velvety soft white sands that draws crowds during peak season. But don’t worry, a short 1km stroll from Truy Minh Chau pier takes you to a wonderfully secluded spot with firm shores and crazy clear blue waters virtually all to yourself. Just keep an eye out for any ocean debris that may wash up on the windier stretches.

Son Hao Beach

For an unforgettable summer escape, Son Hao Beach can’t be beat! The island’s rugged beauty combines with an endless stretch of powdery white sand and brilliant turquoise shallows. Spending lazy days listening to the gentle lapping waves and feeling the caressing sea breeze is utter beachside bliss.

Eo Gio Got Beo

But the crown jewels have to be Bai Got and Eo Gio! Bai Got stunner is ringed by dramatic white rock formations with pops of lush greenery. More than just a place to take a dip, it’s a serene sanctuary where you can truly immerse yourself in nature’s pristine beauty while breathing in that glorious sea air.Just steps away lies Eo Gio peak with its sweeping ocean panoramas. You’ll need to jungle trek to the summit, but the locals have made the path totally safe for visitors. Trust me, the breathtaking views from the top are worth every step!Quan Lan Island

Ba Mun Island

Finally, for my adventure-loving adrenaline junkies, don’t miss the wild and ruggedly beautiful Ba Mun Island, also called Cao Lo. This 1800-hectare forested paradise runs parallel to Quan Lan, separated only by a pristine white sand beach. With no buildings in sight, just dense jungle meeting the endless ocean, it’s an unspoiled oasis of serenity.Two blissful days on Quan Lan is perfect for beach-hopping, conquering Bai Got and Eo Gio, and exploring Ba Mun.

Where to stay in Ba Mun Island?

First up, let’s talk about where to stay. Should you base yourself on Quan Lan or Minh Chau island? Both have amazing beaches, but I’d recommend sticking to Quan Lan to be closer to the main action. Though Minh Chau has that gorgeous beach!One of the top-rated hotels on Quan Lan is the Minh Long Hotel. This modern, swanky spot in Ninh Hai village stands out with spacious rooms decorated with plush amenities. Rates are around $45 USD per night – a steal for the luxury vibes.If you’re craving an upscale resort experience, Minh Chau Pearl Hotel & Spa is your swanky 4-star paradise. The regal, almost European design with creamy white and gold accents is totally on point. And those ocean views from the rooms? Simply stunning! For a longer-standing gem, Lepont Hotel has been a reputable hotel in Quan Lan since 2011. It keeps things simple but stylish with 36 modern rooms outfitted with all the cozy amenities you need, I’m talking renting bikes to easily cruise around (just $1-2 USD!) or catching a tuktuk or electric car shuttle if you’ve got a bigger group or little ones in tow.


This island is heaven for adventure seekers! Just be sure to fuel up on fresh island bites like grilled clams with pork fat and scallions (crazy delicious!) or nourishing sea cucumber stews between all your beach hopping.Above are all the experiences of having fun and traveling to Quan Lan Island. Plan now and always to have a fun and comfortable vacation with your friends and relatives!
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