Me Pia Pass – A Thrilling Pass In The Northeast Of Vietnam

Vietnam is home to some of the most challenging and awe-inspiring mountain passes, and among them, Me Pia Pass stands out as the most dangerous road in the Northeast. In this article, we will delve into the thrilling details of this thrilling pass, exploring its majestic beauty that has captivated the worldwide travelers.


Me Pia Pass has earned its reputation as a heart-pounding adventure for those seeking the ultimate driving challenge. Located in the sturdy terrain of Cao Bang, this 14-story mountain pass has become a hotspot for thrill-seekers and nature enthusiasts alike.


Situated on Highway 4A, this pas connects the Xuan Truong commune to Bao Lac district, a border district close to China. Spanning 2.5 kilometers, this pass comprises 14 winding floors, complete with sharp bends and low elevation, flanked by spectacular mountains.The roots of the pass trace back to the French period, when it served as a narrow horse-drawn trail, with the most expansive sections barely reaching 40 centimeters. However, they started a reconstruction in 2009 and completed expanding the pass in 2011.

Construction Challenges

Constructing this pass presented formidable challenges, especially considering its dangerous bends. Even experiened drivers find themselves bewildered by the complexity of this pass. For that reason, the road makes it a true test of driving skill and nerve.

Majestic Beauty of Me Pia Pass

Despite its dangerous nature, it is renowned for its majestic and wild beauty. The landscape surrounding the pass has become a source of fascination for adventure seekers.

Tourist Attractions Nearby

While traserse this pass is the thrilling part of the journey, Cao Bang province offers additional attractions to explore. Therefore, tourists can combine their visit with trips to Ban Gioc waterfall, Nguom Ngao Cave, Thang Hen Lake, and more, creating a comprehensive and memorable travel experience.

Experience of Driving on Me Pia Pass

Venturing through this pass is no ordinary drive. Testimonials from those who have conquered this challenging road provide insights into the adrenaline-pumping experience of navigating the 14-storey mountain pass.

Safety Measures

Recognizing the dangers posed by the Pass, safety measures are in place to ensure the well-being of travelers. Specifically, when you’re riding on your own or even being carried by a local skilled driver, it’s a must to be well-equipped with proper gears such as helmet, sunglasses or elbow and knee pia pass

Local Perspectives

The locals, who have witnessed the evolution of Me Pia Pass over the years, are those who truly understand the cultural significance associated with the pass. Visiting a place is not just about touching its facade, it’s the journey to dig deep into its soul.

Thrill-Seeker’s Paradise

For thrill-seekers, this is a paradise offering an unmatched adrenaline rush which attracts adventurers from around the globe. A detailed exploration of the pass’s surroundings reveals the natural beauty that unfolds along the journey through this Pass, from towering mountains to picturesque landscapes. Every twist and turn unveils a new feature of the region’s magnificence.

Captivating Photography

Once you witness this thrilling pass with your own eyes, it’s time to immerse yourself in the captivating visuals of the pass. Make sure you bring your camera and phone to capture the magnificent beauty of this pass. Stunning photos are the rewards for those who daring enough to embark on this pia pass


In conclusion, Me Pia Pass stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of danger and beauty. As the most dangerous road in the Northeast, it beckons intrepid travelers to embark on. If you like adventure roads with memorable experiences, please check out our Ha Giang and Cao Bang tour to start your journey.
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