Local Experience with YESD

Nothing enhances the richness and authenticity of travels like local experiences; in Vietnam, they are especially colorful and multifaceted, plunging one deeply into the culture, history, and life of this country. This is why at YESD, we live to create unique journeys that allow every traveler to sincerely and authentically taste Vietnam. Whether you are a seasoned explorer or a first-time visitor, our tailored services will make the adventure truly unforgettable and enriching. Traveling through Vietnam is more than just sightseeing; it’s touching the heart of the country. Having a local experience means seeing beyond what most visitors can see beyond the usual ordinary attractions and understanding Vietnam from an insider’s perspective. It brings you close to the traditions, people, and secret spots that really spell the difference in this country. With YESD, your journey in Vietnam is carefully and thoughtfully designed to be immersive, authentic, and deeply personal.

Our Approach to Creating Authentic Local Experiences

YESD, we are strong believers in the impact of customized travel. Our special approach comprises of:
  • Expert Local Guides: Our guides are not only highly skilled but also proud local people who will exchange their first-hand stories with you and also provide you with a unique local experience that is exclusive. These guides ensure that every traveler gains an in-depth understanding of the destinations they visit, making each tour both informative and enjoyable.
  • Customized Itineraries: We provide personalized itineraries related to the interests of clients, and our role is to make their visit as enriching as possible by providing the most suitable local experiences. By tailoring each itinerary to individual preferences, we ensure that every journey is memorable and perfectly suited to the traveler’s desires.
  • Cultural Immersion: Apart from meeting the locals, you can get involved in the life of the community, visit some of the local festivals, host cooking classes, and also watch traditional ceremonies to be part of the cultural immersion process.
  • Unique Accommodations: Stay in locally-owned guesthouses and boutique hotels that offer a genuine taste of the region’s hospitality.
  • Sustainable Practices: We are aware of the options of eco-friendly means of travel and we ensure the support of local businesses so that the tourists benefit the community.
  • Hands-On Activities: Get into hands-on activities such as handicraft workshops, farm visits, and even community projects to bond with the people and acquire new knowledge.

Top Destinations in Vietnam for Unforgettable Local Experiences

Ha Giang: The Serrated Beauty of Northern Vietnam

Located in Vietnam’s far north, Ha Giang is a province that brims with breathtaking landscapes, ethnic diversity, and rich cultural heritage. While other Vietnamese destinations have become somewhat touristy, Ha Giang still offers authenticity and unspoiled charm. This is what you can discover in this stunning region:

Ma Pi Leng Pass

Often touted as the most beautiful mountain pass in Vietnam, it offers the tremendous view one wants of rugged karst mountains and deep river valleys. It joins the towns of Dong Van and Meo Vac. Part of the “Happiness Road,” this road will open up the country’s most dramatic and awe-inspiring landscape vistas.
Ma Pi Leng Pass: A Majestic Journey Through Northern Vietnam

Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark

This is one of the geoparks named by UNESCO, a geological wonder with impressive karst formations that have been forming continuously over the past 400 million years. It is inhabited by a large number of ethnic minorities living and keeping their traditional lifestyle to this day. A visit to the geopark enables one to comprehend the charm of Ha Giang’s natural beauty and rich culture.
ha giang hiking

Ethnic Markets

The markets in Ha Giang are a great representation of the local ethnic diversity. Each market is a bustling hub where several ethnicities, such as the H’mong, Tay, and Dao, converge to sell goods, socialize, and rejoice in their diversified culture. The most famous one is a weekly market, held every Sunday, the famous Dong Van Market, emphasizing with much color handicrafts, textiles, and local products.
dong van sunday market

Lung Cu Flag Tower

This is the northernmost part of Vietnam, which is at the Lung Cu Flag Tower—the flag tower for national pride. In this tower, there is a bird’s eye view of the countryside lying below and an important cultural and historical site of immense significance. Climbing to the top gives the sense of accomplishing something big and also regionately brings one closer to the national heritage.

Thon Tha Village

A visit to Thon Tha Village would be absolutely essential for getting a realistic feel of rural life in Ha Giang. This little traditional Tay Village with its stilt houses and terraced rice fields always invigorated visitors with friendly hosts, great homestay facilities, and farming activities. It’s a perfect way to immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty and culture of the region.
Thon Tha Village
Thon Tha Village

Ha Giang Loop

Ha Giang Loop is an iconic motorbike route and has long been a favorite of adventurous travelers. It passes through some of the real wonders in Hà Giang: towering mountains, winding roads, and picturesque villages. The Ha Giang Loop ride gives you one of the best ways to feel the raw beauty and freedom of this northern province.

Cultural Festivals

Ha Giang holds numerous festivals that reveal the fine cultural traditions of its ethnic communities. One of the cultural festivals is the Khau Vai Love Market, which happens once a year in Meo Vac. Of course, this is indeed a special event for ex-lovers from the hill tribes to meet up and reignite their old romance or just to celebrate their history together. Such a festival surely provides an unusually interesting experience concerning the cultural life and romantic traditions of the locals.

Nho Que River

This emerald-green river flows through the Ma Pi Leng Pass and, to many, appears in the list of the most beautiful sights in Ha Giang. Taking a boat ride along the stream makes access to the serenity possible and allows for unusual views of majestic landscapes. The total peace of water and dramatic surroundings make it just perfect for photography and relaxation.

Ha Giang cuisine

Ha Giang cuisine is as varied and rich as the culture. Some of the traditional dishes include Thang Co, which is a hard-boiled stew made from horse meat; Au Tau rice porridge with local herbs; and various types of noodles and grilled meats. Offering a taste of the region’s culinary heritage, unique flavors and ingredients combine to give a taste of Ha Giang’s performances.

Hanoi: The Heart of Vietnam

Hanoi, being the capital city of Vietnam, is such an ecstatic blend of age-long traditions with modern dynamism. Walk down the streets, and you would be mesmerized by having a view of the unique fusion of old and new. Herein lies a rundown of travel highlights to make sure you get the best out of Hanoi:

Old Quarter Exploration

The Old Quarter is almost a maze of small streets, each one named for the kinds of goods available. Walking through these ancient streets is like walking back in time. Visit historic temples, traditional shops, and all kinds of street foods. This hustle and bustle of the Old Quarter is a rather good look into everyday life for the Hanoian people, so obviously, no cultural trips would be complete without having such an opportunity.

Water Puppet Show

This Vietnamese art dates back to the 11th century and offers a thrilling insight into the cultural heritage of this nation. It is performed on a pool of water with puppets moving about, by puppeteers hidden behind a screen. Most of the performances represent historical events, rural life, or Vietnamese folklore, accompanied by live traditional music. It is a charm for children and adults alike, but in an interesting way, one also learns about Vietnam’s artistic traditions.

Ha Long Bay: Natural Wonder

Ha Long Bay is one of the so many famous natural landmarks in Vietnam, known for its emerald waters and thousands of towering limestone islands. Here’s how one can make the most of this visit:

Cruise Tours

A cruise will definitely help you to further appreciate Ha Long Bay’s beauty. Most cruises include visits to traditional fishing villages to learn more about the lives of the locals and to secret caves and grottoes that are adorned with stunning stalactites and stalagmites. Many of them will offer you an overnight cruise stay so you can watch the magical sunrise and sunset over the bay to add romance to your adventure.

Kayaking Adventures

Let them explore the bay at a more energetic level by trying kayaking. Paddle through bay tranquil waters, into the karsts through hidden lagoons and beaches. Guided kayaking brings visitors closer to the natural beauty and tranquility of the bay for an intimate, personal experience within this UNESCO Heritage Site.

Hoi An: A Step Back in Time

Hoi An is a beautifully preserved ancient town that offers a window into Vietnam’s historical and cultural past. Here are some must-see attractions in Hoi An:

Lantern Festival

Known as the full moon Lantern Festival, this often occurs on the 14th day of the month according to the lunar calendar. During this time, Hoi An is turned into a fairytale environment, with thousands of color lanterns lighting up the town and providing a magical and romantic atmosphere. Activities include enjoying traditional music, folk games, or floating lanterns on the river.

Tailor-Made Clothing

Hoi An has been very famous for its tailoring services, making tailor-made clothes at very affordable rates compared to one would expect from most of us. Be it bespoke suits, dresses, or even traditional Vietnamese, you will be bombarded with many tailor shops ready to bring all your ideas into life. The process is super fast and really effective—sometimes less than a few days from consultation to the final result is needed.

Ho Chi Minh City: The Metropolis of Hustle

Formerly known as Saigon, the city of Ho Chi Minh is such a dynamic metropolis, blending the old and new like glue to show the stupendous development happening in Vietnam. Some of the key attractions include

Cu Chi Tunnels

Locate this gigantic underground network of tunnels made to provide shelter and became a base for most military operations of Viet Cong soldiers during the War. Cu Chi Tunnels will offer an insight: sober and highly informative on war, showcasing resourcefulness and resolute spirit of Vietnamese. One can crawl through narrow tunnels, visit living quarters, and learn about war tactics.

Ben Thanh Market

No visit to Ho Chi Minh City would be complete without one to the legendary Ben Thanh Market. This market is a paradise for shoppers seeking local handicrafts, souvenirs, clothing, and food. The lively atmosphere, coupled with the varied products available, makes it very exhilarating and a feast for the senses. Do not forget to sample delicious street food like pho, banh mi, and freshly rolled spring rolls.

The Benefits of Choosing YESD for Your Local Experience in Vietnam

Choosing YESD for your travel needs ensures you receive:AuthenticityAll local experiences at YESD are genuinely local, flavored with the taste of local life. Deeper than the veneer one gets of places that can follow most mainstream tourist visits, YESD gets deeper into the cultural fabric of Vietnam. You will join the local communities, participate in the traditional customs, and eat home-cooked meals. The approach will also enable visitors to gain an insight into the real way of life, traditions, and values that are part of the daily routine in the lives of Vietnamese people. Focus on real interactions will ensure that every encounter is meaningful and memorable, hence making the visit both enriching and enlightening.ExpertiseOur team, with profound insider knowledge in each destination, ensures that you really don’t miss out on a single hidden treasure. The YESD team includes destination experts who know Vietnam: its landscapes, cultures, and histories inside out, providing insights beyond typical tourist information through deep stories and context, setting each location alive. Whether you visit big and busy cities, small villages, or sights of natural beauty, be assured that the local experience with YESD is one to definitely experience Vietnam at its core. From local hideaways off the beaten path to the best times for visiting major attractions, our guides make sure every moment of your journey is filled with maximum discovery and delight, offering an unparalleled local experience.SustainabilityWe urge responsible tourism, which contributes to indigenous communities and preserves cultural heritage. YESD can boast its stand in sustainable tourism practices that best care for the environment and support the socio-economic well-being of local populations in visited destinations. This includes cooperation with local businesses, artisans, and farmers to provide authentic products and services, which in turn help sustain their livelihoods. By offering a genuine local experience, we also get very involved in the reduction of our ecological footprint through means such as responsible travel practices, minimizing waste, or preserving wildlife habitats. Many travelers booking with YESD are supporting the conservation of Vietnam’s rich and varied cultural heritage and natural beauty for generations ahead. By choosing YESD, you are ensuring that future generations will be able to visit and admire this wonderful destination and enjoy a true local experience too.
  • What makes YESD different from other tourism operators?
YESD designs authentic local experience, led by locals who are passionate professionals, and ensures that your journey is rewarding and memorable.
  • How does YESD ensure that the experiences it offers are authentic?
We build a close relationship with the communites and involve local guides born in the region that can provide first hand information and profound insights.
  • Can YESD accommodate special travel requests or needs?
Of course, special interests, diets, and access needs can be considered in customizing an itinerary.
  • Is YESD committed to responsible tourism?
Yes, responsible travel matters to us. We shall strive as much as we can for local communities and the environment.
  • In which towns/cities of Vietnam does YESD operate?
Destinations in which YESD provides local experiences include Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Hoi An, and Ho Chi Minh City,….
  • How do I reserve with YESD?
You can book online through our website, or you may contact our customer service to personally assist you with the same.


A YESD journey means much more than just visiting a new destination; it also brings deep, enriching local experiences that one can retain in memory for a long time after returning home. We are committed to making each journey memorable with our authenticity, expertise, and sustainability. Ready to explore Vietnam like never before? Contact YESD, and we will help create your perfect local experience.
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