Discovering Responsible Tourism

Hà Giang City_May 2024Discovering Responsible Tourism with Volunteering

When I got the news about my redundancy, I didn’t want to rush into finding a new job. I decided to take a month’s break to reflect and rejuvenate, as I had been working non-stop for the past ten years.

My original plan was to relax on the beach, sipping my favourite piña colada. While planning my trip, I stumbled upon the website. They support responsible tourism combined with volunteering. Especially the idea of living within a local community while volunteering. I decided to make my trip not only about rejuvenation but also about giving back to the community. I joined as an English teaching volunteer, staying in a homestay at Thon Tha.

Discovering Responsible Tourism in Volunteering for Adult English LessonThoughts on Tourism

I always thought tourism was just about visiting new places and sightseeing. But it’s also about learning different cultures, overcoming challenges, and forming new connections. Never have I thought that responsible tourism entails much more than I can imagine.

The Problem of Over-Tourism

These days, the news often discusses how to deal with over-tourism, where popular destinations become overcrowded. Solutions include finding ways to control the number of tourists at popular spots. For example, Japan built a huge black barrier to block the view of Fuji Mountain in Fujikawaguchiko, and Italy imposed surcharges in Venice. This is because some tourists lack the etiquette to behave and respect these places.

Discovering Responsible Tourism in Volunteering for Kids English Lesson

Embracing Responsible Tourism

Responsible tourism means respecting the destinations we visit and behaving in a way that supports and conserves the local culture for future generations. When planning our holidays, we should research and reference responsible tourism practices. This ensures we have a lesser environmental impact on the destinations we visit. It helps preserve the culture, contributes to local communities, and protects habitats and wildlife.

It is great to do some research before a trip so that we are able to explore as much as possible, and giving back to the society that needs it most.

Local community market

Key Takeaways

After discovering responsible tourism, I got to live within the local community, experience their way of life, and purchase local products that support their traditions and culture. It encourages locals to preserve their heritage and maintain the beauty of their land.

As much as we want to encourage a commercialised rural community, somehow it is best to keep the original and flourish its traditions.

Responsible tourism allows us to enjoy and explore positively without impacting the places we visit. allows me to do almost everything that I want without hassle and has created a wonderful memorable journey for me.

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