Discover Stunning Viewpoints in Cat Ba: A Must-Visit Destination

Cat Ba Island, which is one of the most beautiful spots in Vietnam’s Hai Phong, offers its visitors a great many magical sights that are truly mesmerizing. The following in-depth guide will offer everything, starting from the best viewpoints in Cat Ba, ensuring you are going to have an experience that you’ll never forget. Do not hesitate to discover with YESD the most hidden and picturesque views that make Cat Ba a must-visit for everyone.

Overview of Cat Ba

Cat Ba Island is mostly the gateway to the world-renowned Ha Long Bay and it has got very wonderful mix of almost impenetrable peaks, azure waters, and colorful local culture. It is a Cai Ca Island, which is a home for Cat Ba National Park, which is endowed with its rich biodiversity and unique ecosystems.

Importance of Viewpoints

Viewpoints in Cat Ba give you a fantastic opportunity to witness these brilliant landscapes in the middle of this native island. The places of interest are not only very suitable for photo fans, but they also make the visitors feel the tranquility of nature, have wildlife watching, and change the perspectives of the island.

Getting Around Cat Ba

Trekking on Cat Ba is quite a troublefree action because of some alternatives to public transport means, which necessarily include motorbikes, bicycles, and organized trips. Besides this, the well-maintained roads and trails of the island not only provide you with transportation, to the various viewpoints but also assist you in reaching the other main tourist places.

Exploring Cat Ba’s Scenic Viewpoints

Cannon Fort

History and a View from the Top of the Mountain

At the highest point of the hill, Cannon Fort is a well-known target for people interested in the history and the ones preferring natural environment. It has such a rich history to enjoy, let us bring you back to the French colonial era as the site was used by the army. There are old military structures that are in good condition and tell the story of the island’s strategic importance. The fort is also a place with bunkers, tunnels, and gun emplacements to explore and experience the time of the ware on the island.But let’s say the climax of Cannon Fort is indeed the breathtaking views it provides. At the pinnacle of this position, the tourists can be rewarded with the sight to the whole of the Cat Ba and Lan Ha Bay of incredible beauty. From the shore in the form of the top of the mountain, the green is shades of emerald, almost from the horizon to the seashore, interspersed with the blending of blue and the green of the land and also sheltered terra cotta houses. In the evening, the scene changes to a beautiful kaleidoscope of colors that make it possible to create a photo of a perfect artwork and ponder the stillness.On the way to the fort, one may pick up the hill on foot or just called a taxi from Cat Ba town and be captured by the beauty of flora and fauna of the island. When you arrive at the top and pay a small entrance fee, onward you go. A visit to the fort may let an hour or two go by so be sure to bring your camera and some water to endure the period of exploration.Aside from the rich history and the lovely beach nature, there is a quaint small restaurant located near the fortress where you can have a nice drink while savoring the beautiful sceneries. Regardless of the fact whether you are a history seeker or just a person who is having a challenge of (personal pronoun) secure a good photo spot Cannon Fort is a place you should not miss during your Cat Ba Island trip.

Viewpoints Cat Ba: Nui Hai Hiking Trail and Sunset Views

Nui Hai, which is also famous as Hai Peak, it stands as one of the most spectacular and optimum points of nature with a natural landscape in the Cat Ba Island. Being amongst the highland peaks of the island, Nui Hai is considered to be one of the most spectacular hiking spots and the viewpoint that has lured tourists from all over the island. The track to Nui Hai’s top is serious and steep, and it is preferred by seasoned hikers as well as the newly adventurous ones attracted by a unique outdoor experience. Nevertheless, while the travail is hard, the view that awaits at the top makes up for all the sweat you poured out. Be specific, while sunsets are otherworldly at the mountain’s top, offering some of the best viewpoints of Cat Ba.

The Trail to Nui Hai: A Hiker’s Adventure

Before you can truly enjoy walking the route of Nui Hai, you should equip your bit with a heavy dose of determination. The path is defined by its rough terrain, rich in vegetation, and laced with rocks and boulders. Hikers ought to carry the right gear in the right condition. Climbing the initial part of the trail allows the forest to cover it and thus, it gives that natural sunshade we want when we are in a forest. Finally, the trail becomes more difficult while still pacing, consequently, providing hikers with a need to navigate very cautiously, a stop and catch-a-breath amount the trees.

Flora and Fauna: A Journey Through Nature

For Nui Hai Access to the mountain heights of Cat Ba Island is not only about reaching the summit on the wilds of the island, but it is also about going into the heart of nature that the island outstretches over. The pathways are nestled amidst natural habitat, including a wide range of bird and animal species which are endemic to that region. Hikers can get creative from time to time by sighting a rare bird or maybe a colorful butterfly once in a while or even might have the privilege of a fleeting look of the heroic Cat Ba langur. A variety of plant species are represented here through the large amount of tropical tress and rich underbrush along with colorful blooms. Hikers find a lively moment for themselves because of the busy flora, and they often keep on staring at the species throughout the hike.

Reaching the Summit: A Rewarding Climb

One of the first things a hiker feels when standing on the summit of Nui Hai is a sense of wonder and amazement at the sight of the vast and detailed scenery below. The standpoint is the place where the clouds start to reveal the rolling landscape below, pine trees grow that are hiding the complexity, and the end opens with an ocean crossing. If unobstructed, it reaches the limits which eyes can reach while still seeing the horizon transition to a smooth sky. This peaceful and awe-inspiring encounter generates a strong feeling of triumph besides a deep emotional bonding with nature that can hardly be beat.

Sunset at Nui Hai: Nature’s Masterpiece

Despite the daytime hiding the dramatic precipices and rock outcrops, Nui Hai’s stern and powerful posture is capable of bringing to think about the Divine. In case weather conditions are favorable, the view from the top of the Nui Hai could include hills, forests, and even the Pacific Ocean. The sun’s departure from the sky initiates a stunning transformation of the air into a picturesque scene with a myriad of colors like orange, pink, and purple of the sunset blending in like no other. The bright sun rays drape the valley in a soft cover that perfectly underscores the features of nature, its existing dollops of shadow that stretch the dimension of the area lending the scene a greater depth vis-à-vis the surroundings. Viewing the sunset from the peak of Nui Hai will eternally remain ingrained in one’s memory as this genuine spot is the very reflection of beauty in its sheer form no one can miss it. This spot is undoubtedly one of the best viewpoints of Cat Ba.

Monkey Island Viewpoint: Unique Experiences and Island Views

Monkey Island, which is a breathtaking spot off the Vietnamese coast, is a well-known place for its famous natural beauties and the distinctive fauna. The most astonishing of the characteristics of the place is the Monkey Island viewpoint, which has truly unique views of Lan Ha Bay. It has not only become the attraction for the people who love nature activities but it is also an exciting journey for those who look for a fantastic memory. This location is one of the viewpoints of Cat Ba that should not be missed.

Trekking to the Monkey Island Viewpoint

We start the journey to the Monkey Island Viewpoint with a route, though it is not very long but definitely it involves a steep and challenging climb. People should have proper physical condition to do the trek, because it is a bit steep and requires effort. But the journey is compensated by the beautiful trek that winds its way through the jungle, you can see flowers and birds and the seasons by the way. This trek, being one of the key viewpoints of Cat Ba, offers a unique blend of physical challenge and natural beauty.

A 360-Degree Panorama of Lan Ha Bay

Upon reaching the summit of the Monkey Island, visitors are gifted with a surrealistic 360 degree view of Lan Ha Bay. The spectacle that awaits hikers at the top is truly scenic; the emerald green sea below just takes them away to the horizon which is now dotted with peculiar, karst formations. These mighty limestone formations stick out of the sea making a grandiose seascape that could as well be a peaceable or frightening sight if one looks at it from a different angle.

Nature Lovers’ Paradise

The Monkey Island Viewpoint is the paradise of the fans of the open air. The staff also maintain the island as a protected area, and they are assisted by volunteers who take care of the island. The monkeys are one of the species that are human-dependent, and they exhibit human-like behavior to interact with the guests on the ground. If you are lucky to be alive, you can see the birds’ like hunting and can capture the glimpses of beautiful and colorful birds. The developed areas of the city are perfect for jogging or cycling and they have a healthy, livable environment with close access to green parks or gardens.

The Mecca of Adventure Enthusiasts

Monkey Island Viewpoint shines out as one of the trips that are a must for enthusiasts with a spirit of adventure. The sheer rock faces and the hardy path present a real challenge for the hard at heart, while the top of the ridge’s optical feast becomes the reward and sensation for the eyes and the soul. You can actually feel the excitement as the peak is reached, and the vibrant Lan Ha Bay panorama is inviting you to a time of carefree relaxation.

Time of Day to View sunrise and sunset

Among the peaceful hours of the day that one can witness, the most splendid ones are the view of Monkey Island Viewpoint both during sunrise and at sunset. In the early morning, the sun’s rays gild the sea’s surface, invoking an almost spiritual sense of unfettered harmony. On the other penumbral side, the delightful scenery is the sun that has gone to sleep and thus the sky salutes you with shades of red and pink, while the play of colors on the water combines to create a fascinating and romantic scene. At these times, a person can find solace in the quiet moments of nature and at the same time, be dazzled by the marvelous aspects of the place.

Cat Ba National Park: Biodiversity and Trekking Trails

Cat Ba National Park, located on Cat Ba Island in Vietnam, is a stunning natural reserve renowned for its rich biodiversity and extensive trekking trails. Spanning over 26,000 hectares, this park is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and trekkers alike, offering a unique blend of lush forests, rugged mountains, and pristine coastline. The viewpoints of Cat Ba National Park provide breathtaking panoramas that add to the allure of exploring this magnificent area.

Biodiversity: A Treasure Trove of Life

Cat Ba National Park is a biodiversity hotspot, boasting a wide variety of flora and fauna. It is home to over 1,500 plant species, including many rare and endemic ones. The park’s dense tropical and subtropical forests provide a habitat for numerous animal species, some of which are critically endangered.One of the most notable residents of the park is the Cat Ba langur, also known as the white-headed langur. This primate species is critically endangered, with only around 60 individuals remaining in the wild, all of which are found within the park. Efforts are ongoing to protect and conserve this rare species, making the park a crucial sanctuary for its survival.In addition to the langur, Cat Ba National Park is home to various mammals such as civets, macaques, and deer. The park’s birdlife is equally impressive, with over 150 bird species recorded, including the white-winged wood duck and the peregrine falcon. Reptiles and amphibians are also abundant, adding to the park’s rich tapestry of life.

Trekking Trails: A Journey Through Nature

Cat Ba National Park offers a range of trekking trails that cater to different levels of fitness and experience. These trails provide an excellent way to explore the park’s diverse landscapes and enjoy its natural beauty up close.Easy Trails for Casual WalkersFor those looking for a leisurely stroll, the Trung Trang Cave trail is a perfect choice. This short and easy trek leads you through a dense forest to the entrance of the Trung Trang Cave, a magnificent limestone cave featuring impressive stalactites and stalagmites. The trail is well-marked and relatively flat, making it suitable for families and casual walkers.Another easy trail is the Kim Giao Forest trail, which takes you through a beautiful grove of Kim Giao trees. These trees are unique to the region and are known for their smooth, white bark. The trail offers a peaceful walk and a chance to observe various bird species and butterflies.

Moderate Trails for Enthusiastic Trekkers

For those seeking a bit more adventure, the trek to Ngu Lam Peak is a popular choice. This moderate trail involves a steady climb through the forest, leading to a viewpoint that offers panoramic views of Cat Ba Island and the surrounding seascape. The trek takes about 3-4 hours round trip and provides a rewarding experience for enthusiastic trekkers.Another moderate trail is the Ao Ech Trail, which takes you through dense forests and bamboo groves to a serene frog lake (Ao Ech). The trail is about 8 kilometers long and offers a chance to spot various wildlife along the way, including birds, insects, and small mammals.

Challenging Trails for Serious Hikers

For serious hikers, the trek to Viet Hai Village is a must-do. This challenging trail starts at the main park entrance and takes you through thick jungle, across rocky terrain, and up steep inclines. The trek covers about 12 kilometers and can take up to 6 hours to complete. Along the way, you will be rewarded with stunning views of the forest canopy, limestone karsts, and the peaceful village of Viet Hai, where you can learn about the local culture and way of life.Another demanding trail is the trek to the park’s highest peak, Mount Cao Vong. This trail is not for the faint-hearted, as it involves a strenuous climb up steep and rugged paths. However, the effort is well worth it, as the summit offers breathtaking views of the entire island and the surrounding sea. The trek takes about 7-8 hours round trip and is best attempted with a guide.

Hospital Cave Viewpoint: Historic Value and Natural Beauty

The Hospital Cave on Cat Ba Island is a unique illustration of ingenuity and resourcefulness during the Indochina War. Deep in the thick jungles of Cat Ba is an amazing historical site that doubled as a secret hospital and was used to safely house and treat people, disguising this work through the appearance of rock formations. This blend of historical and natural significance makes the Hospital Cave one of the major attractions on this island.

Historical Significance of the Hospital Cave

The Hospital Cave was quite instrumental during the Vietnamese War. It was constructed between the period of 1963-1965. The construction of this edifice was quite innovative but man-made to remain hidden from aerial view by enemy aircraft and invaders. It contains 17 different rooms, including an operating theatre, patient wards, and even a small cinema where soldiers could watch films and conduct meetings. The choice of the location made this cave able to bear bombardment and keep on functioning under very difficult conditions.
This cave was well-engineered with concrete walls and a ventilation supporting system. It could accommodate up to 200 people, thus being a safe haven and medical care center for soldiers. There it stands, Testimonies of cruel realities of war and the creative measures taken to assure survival and resistance.

Exploration of the Cave

One thing that most tourists to Hospital Cave always seem to notice is the contrast between its outside and inside. For a start, the outside just looks like it’s part of the natural rock formation—almost wholly camouflaged within the jungle. As one enters through the door, though, it gives another story of the place—it was intricately constructed. The rooms are well-preserved and still have some remains of medical equipment and wartime supplies.
It has guided tours with regards to the history and significance of the cave during the war. Guides tell all details vividly about bravery and resilience, giving the picture of the cave in those days. This provides a greater understanding of challenges faced by those seeking refuge within those walls.

The Scenic Viewpoint

After seeing the historic depths of Hospital Cave, a short but steep hike brings one to a nearby viewpoint. Looking out, one is rewarded with breathtaking, panoramic views of Cat Ba Island. Well-marked, this path to the viewpoint is as much an equally scenic as moderately challenging walk, winding its way through dense verdant forests and rocky outcrops. As it rises in elevation, the thick foliage gives way to ever-expansive vistas of the rugged terrain of the island and azure waters.
The view itself is a tranquil point, positing serenity in contrast with the cave’s historic weight. From this vantage point, undulating scenery can be found at Cat Ba, with its karst limestone formations, greenery, and shining sea way out in the distance. The natural beauty is overwhelming; it takes one into a moment of reflection, appreciating the rich history and amazing environment bestowed on the island.

A Different and Enriching Experience

The entrance to Cat Ba Island—Hospital Cave and the floating viewpoint of the island—holds an essence all its own: one of a crossing between past and present, history and nature. The cave provides a view extending to a rather sober portion of the past, while pointing out the ingenuity and forms of fortitude among the people living and fighting during the Vietnam War. On the other hand, the viewpoint displays the pristine natural beauty of this island and radiates peace and serenity.
Visitors to Hospital Cave leave with increased respect for the historical and natural heritage of this island. It is, without question, a place of reflection, uniquely educational and inspiring. If you are a history lover, a nature person, or one who desires further enriching experiences while traveling, then Hospital Cave and its lookout has to be the place to go.


What time should I go to Cat Ba viewpoints?You will have the perfect timing during the dry season which is from October to April while the weather is clear and beautiful.How to get to Cat Ba Island?Book a ticket to Cat Ba by ferry or bus from Hanoi with departure from Hai Phong or Ha Long Bay.Are the hikes to viewpoints demanding?It is determined by different factors. On some like Cannon Fort, the paths are easy, on others such as Nui Hai, they are quite difficult.Can you join if one visit Cat Ba viewpoints on a day trip?Of course, you can, but 2-day trips will offer you more and give you chances to enjoy shorter than regular hours such as sunrise or sunset views.Is it safe to visit Cat Ba’s viewpoints?Yes, it is safe, however, you have to follow the right guidelines such as following the marked trails and bring together the essential necessities.What should I bring with me when visiting Cat Ba viewpoints?For your own convenience, I would suggest that you take some things such as water, snacks, great boots, and a map or guidebook.


Cat Ba’s viewpoints constitute the vibrant natural environment and long-established cultural past of the island. From the ancient Cannon Fort to the Monkey Island with the views they give each one is different and unique to this mesmerizing attraction. No matter if you are a thrill-seeker or historic person or just want to rest your body and feel the beauty of nature, Kat Ba has something for everyone. Plan your trip, discover the beauty of Cat Ba, and have a lifetime memory.
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