mYouth (Mobile, Young, Opportunity, Unity, Technology, Help) is a project embracing the concepts of building digital skills, a co-funded project by the ERASMUS+ Programme of European Union. Through mYouth, young people will gain high skills for the development of mobile applications. Sure, there are many such projects nowadays, but what makes mYouth different? The chance for global mobile learning! mYouth connects participants from ten different countries: Romania, Germany, Macedonia, Poland, Ghana, Hong Kong, Senegal, Singapore, Tanzania, Philippines, Kenya, Austria and Vietnam.YESD is an official partner organisation of the Erasmus+ Capacity Building Project, mYouth 2.0. We are excited to call applicants for the MYOUTH 2.0 ERASMUS+’s Project for 2018!


Criteria– Individuals and/or group co-founders can participate

– Fluency in English

– Participants must be younger than 33 years

– Participants must be Vietnamese citizens

– Participants should apply with already made mobile apps (Beta version, pre-launch version or already uploaded on App Store and/or Google Play)

– Mobile apps need to be open for public viewing – Mobile apps need to have a social impact, focused on sustainable development and innovative

– Priority to participants from disadvantaged groups, minority communities, and who are female.Benifits of participation

– Boost your IT-skills for free

– Learn about advanced app development by joining a fantastic 6-day (including travel) power program for free

– Meet other coding enthusiasts from 11 countries worldwide and build your future success network for free

– Three winners will enjoy one week (6-days including travel) to the wonderful city of Hong Kong

– Have the chance to be invited to the International App Camp in Macedonia in September (8 days including travel)

– The winner will have a chance to spend 6-days (including travel) in Austria in December

– Be winner of the European Youth Award for mYouth 2.0!


To apply simply fill out the application form (click the image below for the link) and send it to info@yesd.org. Please CC yesdvietnam@gmail.com in the email too. Video introductions about the mobile app will also be accepted.Thank you and good luck!