Travel permits (US$10) are required to travel on the road north from Tam Son to Dong Van and Meo Vac, but these are simply paid directly with whichever hotel you choose to overnight in along the way.

Ha Giang is accessible by bus, taxi, minivan or motorbike, there is no train and no flight.There are 3 ways how you can get Ha Giang from other surrounding provinces- by motorbikes, by public buses/limousines or by a private car/mini van. 

Below you can find the bus reservation link to know how to get Ha Giang, also after Ha Giang, where can you visit next. 

1/ How to get Ha Giang from Hanoi?

Travel distance to Ha Giang from Hanoi is about 300 km by land. The most popular option for tourists is to travel by public bus or limousine from Hanoi to Ha Giang. There are various types of sleeper buses or comfortable limousines. Travel time by bus to Ha Giang from Hanoi is about 6–7 hours and bus tickets cost about $9–22/pp. On the way, the bus drivers will stop at a local rest restaurant for restroom and buy food around 30 minutes.

1.1/ By sleeping buses: Some public sleeping bus companies: Hai Van, Hung Thanh, Cau Me, Quang Tuyen.

Sleeping bus to Ha Giang
Sleeping bus to Ha Giang

1.2/ By limousine bus companies: Ha Giang Truly. Good morning Cat Ba. Ha Giang express. Ha Giang VIP express is the combination of sleeping and limousine bus together that looks like a business cabin on flight. Or you can book via these websites or 

Limousine van

1.3/ By hotel staff: Customers can book bus tickets with hotel staffs to be arranged a pickup transfer by bus companies.

VIP Cabin bus _YESD Travel

1.4/ By a private car/ mini van: Another option is to travel by private taxi/minivan to Ha Giang. Private taxi from Hanoi to Ha Giang cost about $219 (vehicle for 9 passengers). Travel by private minivan/taxi to Ha Giang from Hanoi takes about 6 hours. It is very comfortable way if you are travel in a group of people. Book your private transport or tour with YESD Travel

Private comfort car tour – YESD

1.5/ By motorbike: The last option is to travel on motorbike and it is good to know it is not for everyone. Roads in Vietnam are dangerous and IDP for Vietnam is necessary. If you want to book your motorbike in Hanoi, you can find motorbike shops in Hanoi Old Quarter. YESD highly recommends to travel to Ha Giang by a limousine buses or by a private car/ mini van, which is for your safety and convenience. 

YESD backseat motorbike

2/ How to get Ha Giang from other provinces?

  • As the transport from Hanoi to Ha Giang, customers can ask their accommodation staff to reserve bus tickets or book by themselves via these websites or . Its cost is about from $15 per ticket. 
  • Book private transport with YESD Travel to have a comfortable journey.

3/ Where to go from Ha Giang province?

+ From Ha Giang to Sapa: There are 2 options how to reach Sapa from Ha Giang. You can travel by bus or private taxi with travelling time by bus about 6–7 hours. Or book a private car/ Motorbike. By bus, check out on

(NOTE: Don’t book with local passenger buses because of its delay and crowd. Reserve your limousine seat that will be more convenient and faster).

+ From Ha Giang to Ninh Binh, Tam Coc: There is only sleeping bus that is public and cheap transport to reach Ninh Binh from Ha Giang. You can book with Bang Phan sleeping bus. It will take about 9,5 hours to reach Ha Giang from Ninh Binh. Book your bus here

+ From Ha Giang to Hanoi: As mentioned above, check How to get Ha Giang from Hanoi.

+ From Ha Giang to Cat Ba: Direct bus from Cat Ba to Ha Giang everyday depart time 16.00pm. From Ha Giang to Cat Ba Night bus depart time 08.20pm. we pick you up from your hotel on Cat Ba island. Ha Giang is a province, located in the North – East of Vietnam. The distance from Ha Giang to Cat Ba about 480 km, takes a bus from Ha Giang to Cat Ba town about 11 hours, then ferry to Cat ba island in 30′. Easy to book here

+ From Ha Giang to Halong/ Tuan Chau marina bay: You can find Cuong Lan sleeping bus on or depart at 15:30 and arrive in Bai Chay bus station around 2:30AM, about 14 hours travelling including restroom time on route.

+ From Ha Giang to Cao Bang or Ba Be national park: There are no direct buses from Ha Giang to Cao Bang, Ban Gioc waterfall or Ba Be National park. You can rent a motorbike in Ha Giang to ride by yourself, its cost from $15 – $30 per day including motorbike and its insurance. Or you can book Ha Giang – Cao Bang – Ba Be private tour 

So how to get Cao Bang, Ba Be from Ha Giang by a local bus: You can come back Hanoi, then take a local bus there or catch a local bus from Ha Giang to Thai Nguyen to take another local bus to those places. It will be difficult for you to communicate with local bus drivers because they could not speak English.

For your convenience, you can request a private transport with YESD Travel here 

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