Last two decades have shown the increased number of people using gamification methods in real life interactions to promote desired behaviors. It is often used to discuss the heavy topics, which young people try to avoid.

So what is Gamification? And how effective it is? How to apply to get desirable outcomes?

Regcoganizing the importance of Gamification, Y-game project which connects al youngsters and youth workers from partner countries including Vietnam, India, Latvia, Portugal, Argentina, Estonia, and Croatia was implemented.

The objectives of the project include:

1) Develop a handbook on digital gamification for youth, translated in English and local languages to ensure the widest possible accessibility and usability in the local and international levels;

2) Create Curriculum for execution of Gamification training;

3)   Create an online video training on Gamification;

4) Spread the idea of digital gamification for youth work and youth engagement in Europe, Asia and Latin America;

5)   Create a gamification tool for active civic engagement;

6) Provide the necessary competencies and inform about the tools enable youth organizations to use Gamification methods.

At this stage, the project has been through different activities:

  • Kickoff meeting in Riga – Latvia to discuss timelines of project
  • Field trip in Vietnam, India and Argentina to meet with different Youth organizations with the aim of understanding the experience working with Gamification within their organizations and implementing their activities. Also, it helps our project co-ordinators to understand the needs of each partner country related to apply Gamification in engaging youth in social work
  • Trans-national meeting in Portugal and Croatia to see the progress of the project, discuss future steps for better implementing it.
  • A training course involving youth workers from partner organizations organized in Portugal equiped them with necessary understanding of Gamification and how to apply it into their work. The outcome of it is the online training course:
  • The completion of Handbook ‘How to succeed with digital gamification fro youth’ provides audience all information needed. The guidelines will cover following topics:

what is Gamification?

why it is important?

what are best cases of Gamification?

how to use the (digital) Gamification?

how to create the game by using of existing free templates and applications?

how to involve and educate a greater number of young people on various topics such as, but not limited to, democracy, unemployment, civic engagement, sustainability, peace building, environment, local community et

The handbook is now available in different languages: Vietnamese, Croatian, Latvian, Hindi, Spanish, Portuguese, Estonian.

Download here:

Link to online training course on Gamification:

Hanoi, November 2018

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